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Changing Flower
These flowers really does changes from time to time!

Cool Neopets glitters to decorate your page with!

Mall Buttons
Want more shop customers? Get these mall buttons and connect your friends shop together!

Pixel Dolls
A collection of cute pixel dolls for you to use!

Security Graphics
Protect your account from scammers and thieves!

Shop Banners
Make your customers feel more welcome with these cool shop banners!

User Lookup Shields
Give your user lookup a better looking shield! A huge selection to choose from!

Hatching Eggs
These eggs really does hatch from time to time! Adopt one now!

Fun Images and Graphics
Some random cute and fun graphics for you to decorate your page with!

Growing Plants
These plants really does grow from time to time! Adopt one now!

Love Heart Graphics
Some nice love hearts graphics for you to decorate your profile with! Come spread the lurv! <3

Black and White Graphics
Black and white graphics matches anything! So put one of these in your page now!

Zodiac Graphics
Show off your horoscope star signs! What can today's horoscope bring you?

Flower Graphics
Make your description nice with these delicate flowers!

Music Graphics
Music is life! You better put music graphics everywhere on your Neopets profile and shop!


Anti Racism Quotes
Put an end to racism once and for all! Promote it with graphic quotes on your page!

Confidence Quotes
If you believe you can, you can. Get quotes to inspire you and your visitors!

Friendship Quotes
What does friendship means to you? Celebrate your mates with these quotes.

Life Quotes
What is the meaning of life? Maybe these quotes will help find your answers...

Haters Quotes
Feel confident even with there are haters in your life!