Live Performance
Jesse is available for live performance anywhere in the world. Venues include festivals, weddings, birthday parties, etc.

Note that price excludes transport, accomodation and meals.
$200 Contact
Vocals Recording
Jesse will feature his royalty-free unprocessed vocals in your track, recorded in Jesse's own studio and delivered to you via e-mail.
$250 Contact
Background Music Composistion
Jesse is an experienced multi-instrumentalist that is able to create background music for your vocals, in every genre.

Alternatively, Jesse is also a frequent composer, mainly pop beats and hip hop beats for the online store Gemtracks. Here is a review on Gemtracks you can read.
$500 Contact
Lyric Composistion
Let Jesse brew your song with magnetic words that will bring your song to life.
$150 Contact
Full Song Composistion
In this all-in-one package, Jesse will exclusvely compose and record a unique and royalty-free track for you, with the background track included separately for you to record your own vocals over. Included are music sheets and stems. You are welcome to overlay Jesse's vocals with yours.
$2,500 Contact
Something Else?
If you want something custom, don't be afraid to drop a line.