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I Love her, But what to do??

Hey Jesse Neo!

at the same time i looked at her she looked at me, she looked like an angel and suddenly i thought in my mind 'what you r looking at can never be yours' she is a senior i was in 1st year she was in 2nd year and look at my fate a time came when she started staring at me, we both looked at each other, smiled, but i could never talk to her, i tried but didn't have the guts to do so, every time i saw her my heart started beating faster then ever, she gave me many chances to go and talk to her, but i failed everytime, at last she stopped showing that that she likes me, i m sure that she loves me, we never talked to each other but i read everything in her eyes, there were many times when she waited for me to come to college even she followed me but i was the loser, i love her i know she loves me more but is angry with me becoz m a failure, i don't know wat to do... it's been a year now m in 2nd year and it's her last year after 3-4 months she'll be gone may be i wont see her forever, plz tell me what should i do, i really need your help...

 -Vks.tiwar15 3186 days ago


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