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He liked me but I broke his heart

Hey Jesse Neo!

This guy is my friend and one day he told me that he liked me very much but at that time I didn't feel the same way for him. However later on I broke his heart and realized that I actually liked him.

When I asked him if he still loves me, he replied that he only liked me before when he said that he did before I broke his heart.

What should I do to make him love me again?

 -Nicole 3195 days ago

Jesse's Response

Dear Nicole,

There isn't much you can do now that you've broken his heart. However there is still hope!

You told me that he liked you before, and if this is true there is always the possibility that he will like you again. All you need to do is to make him realize that you really care about him and that you are sorry for breaking his heart.

I suggest you talk to him more, spend more time with him, maybe invite him to the movies or have a walk with him to the park, and continue to build on the relationship.

If you would want to stay in contact with me, you may add me on Facebook and Twitter! If you need more advice, feel free to Ask a Question.

Best regards,
 -Jesse Neo


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