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Will love come to me?

Hey Jesse Neo!

The last time I had a boyfriend was when I was in grade seven and I'm in grade nine and still don't have a boyfriend. Will love ever come to me again? I feel so hopeless!

 -Sally 3202 days ago

Jesse's Response

Dear Sally,

Love is something that can drive people crazy. Before you always thought that boys have boy-germs and now you want to kiss and touch them so badly!

But it won't always be like this. Love will one day come to you! Is it because you don't know where to find a boyfriend? There are some articles around here that may really help you! Just hang around, be yourself, have fun, and your love will come. I promise.

If you would want to stay in contact with me, you may add me on Facebook and Twitter! If you need more advice, feel free to Ask a Question.

Best regards,
 -Jesse Neo


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