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Start Your Own Clothing Line Business from Home

Among the basic needs of humans is clothing. Investing or starting a clothing line business is a sure gamble as everyone needs a stitch of clothing to cover their bodies. If this is a kind of business that you have in mind, then you are off to a good start, even if you are only 13 or have little money.

You may be thinking of becoming a name brand like Yves Saint Laurent or Marc Jacobs, but do not go far ahead of yourself first. Keep your dream of becoming famous at bay and focus all your energy to making your clothing line business set off the ground. Here are some tips that will give you a head-start:

1. Learn everything you can about the business

You may be a great designer, but creating a clothing line is just one facet of the business. There are a number of things that you need to understand before you can start. You need to have a thorough knowledge of the latest trends, supplier of materials, clothing styles, production, delivery, marketing, and anything that comes in between.

You can research online and visit sites like How to Start a Clothing Company. Learning every aspect of the clothing line business before launching will keep you ahead of the game. There are other things that you will learn along the way, but it is very important that you have a strong foundation when starting an clothing line business.

2. Create your own unique clothing line

Shirts are shirts and pants are pants, but can you come up with something that will stand out in the market? This is the importance of doing research and understanding the competition prior to starting your clothing business. You need to provide a unique product that will be appreciated and bought by your prospective clients.

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You may want to focus on a single market segment such as teens, working women, sporty men, or school boys. Understand what your chosen segment needs and what is missing in the clothing market. Your idea does not need to be grand; it only needs to be unique and suits (no pun intended) the need of your target market.

3. Get the pulse of your intended clients

You may have your own idea what your clients need, but getting their actual opinion will help you solidify your idea. Listening to your potential clients can help you polish, re-design, re-create, or even re-invent your initial thoughts.

As you progress in the clothing line business, your customers' feedback will become essential in making your products relevant and up-to-date. You can keep your initial designs as classics, but you also need to come up with new and fresh clothing line designs to keep up with the market demand.

4. Secure financing resources

Starting a clothing line business is not like setting up a lemonade stand in a busy street. You need substantial capital to start one. You may have an initial capital to buy your materials, but you also need to think about the other aspects of the clothing line business such as marketing and delivery.

One way to secure funding for your business is through business loans. Banks, financial institutions, and lending agencies can be approached for this purpose. However, you need to present a solid business plan for your loan to be approved. You may also be asked to provide collateral for your loan, so you need to be prepared.

Crowdfunding is also another viable option for startup companies. Basically, it is an internet method of raising funds from various investors in exchange of products or shares to the company. There are a number of crowdfunding sites that you can reach out to if you believe this is a practical option for your start-up clothing line business.

5. Search for a manufacturer

You can start with a backyard operation while you still have few clienteles, but you must also be looking at the possibility of a booming business (well, this is your goal from the start, right?).

If you are thinking of a printed shirt business, you need to find a shirt printer who can mass-produce your design. Initially you can set up your own shirt printing shop in your garage, but you must have your eyes set on a larger work space in anticipation of growth.

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6. Learn marketing strategies

How you will position your clothing line in the market will spell the difference between earning and losing. You can choose to market your products in retail stores, online, or both. The key to your marketing strategy is your advertisement, whether online or in the brick-and-mortar world. Your intended customers must know that you have a clothing line that fits their needs.

Unless you can come up with a clothing line that is so unique, you will need a lot of patience and perseverance. You may encounter a lot of problems in the beginning, but you need to remain steadfast. Always remember that clothing is a basic human need - you will always have a market for your product.

Do you have any other advice for people starting a clothing line? Let us know in the comments.


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