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5 Steps to Find Error Fares for Dirt Cheap Flights

With the spiraling cost of airline tickets, travel becomes more and more expensive. If you're a travel bug, you would surely want to find a way to avail of cheap tickets.

If you're flying from New York to Paris and the air fare costs around $2,013, wouldn't you grab a $1,700 cheaper air fare from booking agents such as BudgetAir, AirAsia, Orbitz Travel, or Expedia?

You can also compare prices on Kayak or on SmartFares. There are various ways to find that cheap air fare, if you're, indeed, determined to find one.

Everyone wants a cheaper way to travel to the top exotic destinations of their choice, and you might be able to snag one of these cheap air fares if you're constantly on the lookout for budget fares offered by some of these travel or booking agents.

One way of doing this is by purchasing error fare flights. But what are these error fare flights?

What are error fare flights?

Error fare flights are - just as the term implies - they are errors committed during the calculation of a passenger's air fare. Sometimes, surcharges or airport tax fees are not included in the computation by the charges displayed on online travel or booking agencies that can result to error fare flights.

The computation of air fare is automatically computed by booking agencies, and humans are still in-charge of adding other charges. Oftentimes, these additional charges can be miscomputed or were not included at all causing errors.

Where can you find error fare flights?

You can usually find error fare flights from the following :

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  • Error fare fights can usually be found from flights bound for Europe to the US, Europe to Asia and vice versa. This is because there are more people booking for these flights.
  • You can also find error fare flights from "open-jaw" flights. Open-jaw flights are flights that are booked within various cities. The city of origin is different from the destination on the flight back. People don't book round trip tickets to the same destination with "open-jaw" flights. Hence, there may be errors committed during the computation of these types of air fares.
  • Other sources for error fare flights are websites that share their findings on error fare flights. There are websites that do this, such as You can also visit websites that compare prices of all booking and airline companies such as, All these will help you a lot in finding the cheap flights that you're looking for.
  • You can also search booking agencies and airline companies that offer cheaper deals. You have to be patient though because these discounted prices may be offered at any time and by any booking or airline agency.

Advantages of error fare flights

  • Of course the primary advantage is that error fare flights can cut on your travel cost and grant you cheap travel deals. Sometimes, the cheapest deal is offered, which can significantly reduce your traveling expenses.
  • You can then spend more on food and lodging, or have more pocket money. With the considerable discount you gained, you can use the money on other fruitful activities.
  • You learn how to be flexible and adventurous. You don't know where and when the next error fare flight will take you to. If you're not free-spirited or adventurous, then this will be considered as a disadvantage.
  • Friends can share with your good fortune when you pass on the cheap fare flights to them. So, never let go of any error fare flight that you find. There will always be someone who would want them.

Disadvantages of error fare flights

  • Your flight can be canceled anytime. Because they're not booked the regular way, the booking agency may cancel your flight randomly for some reasons of its own.
  • If you want organized activities, you may dislike error fare flights because they may come at inopportune times, when you're not ready to travel.
  • Error fare flights are not for people who have compulsive disorders on organization and planning.
  • They're difficult to find. You have to be patient in finding them because most of them are not disclosed by the airlines or the booking agencies.
  • You purchase it at your own risk. There are no assurances that everything will be regular. However, if the discount is huge, it's worth the risk. Don't you think?

10 Important pointers on error fare flights

  1. Be diligent. You must be diligent in finding these cheaper fares if you want to reduce your travel cost. You can find them but it's sometimes a Herculean task. But they're there, waiting for diligent people like you.
  2. Be prepared at all times. Be ready to grab the chance, once you find an error fare flight. It won't wait for you to decide. Grab the opportunity because these flights are rare.
  3. Be flexible. Don't stick to a rigid travel itinerary. If the error fare flight makes you pass through another route that was not included in your original plan, then be flexible. Flexibility will allow you to enjoy your travel to the fullest.
  4. Be ready for any consequences. Since error fare flights offer no assurances, be ready for any effect it can have on your schedule.
  5. Be optimistic. When searching for these cheaper flights, believe that you can do it, and you can. As the cliche goes: "If there's a will, there's a way."
  6. If you don't want to travel, share your "find". Don't be a miser. If you don't want to grab that particular opportunity to travel then you can pass it on to someone who wants it. This can bring good karma for you too.
  7. Take advantage of chances to travel. Don't miss on this chance to travel all over the world. Error fare flights can make that possible for you.
  8. Spread the good news. Share with your friends the knowledge that there are cheaper flights such as, error fare flights that they can take advantage of. Generosity is a good trait.
  9. Be willing to take risks. You know the risks but the benefits are bigger; hence, be willing to take the risk.
  10. Keep going. If you haven't found any error fare flights even after long hours of perusing booking agencies and airline companies, don't give up. If you'll keep up your diligence, you'll eventually find one.

How to find error fare flights

Step #1 - Determine your destination

If you don't want unplanned trips, you can identify the specific place you want to travel to. If you're an adventurer, then you can omit this step and proceed to step #2.

Being flexible, though, is much more thrilling than sticking to rigid plans and destinations.

Life is about taking chances and grabbing great opportunities such as error fare flights.

Step#2 - Search online for error fare flights

Start searching online for error fare flights for your specific destination. Visit online booking agencies and airline companies. They post these cheap flights at different times of the year, so be on the lookout always.

If you have decided to go any place where cheaper flights are offered, then your search would be easier. There are always cheaper flights offered, one year after, by almost all airline companies.

Conduct your search also on websites that discloses their error fare flight findings.

Be a smart searcher, and you'll surely find your cheap air flights.

Step #3 - Purchase the ticket

If you find an error fare flight, don't hesitate to purchase it, ASAP. They are easily purchased by other people who are also on the lookout for the same discounts. Therefore, act fast before someone grabs the opportunity.

You can resell it later on if you don't feel like traveling on that particular time. Surely, there will be friends or family members who would want to travel in your place.

Step#4 - Get ready to travel

You should be ready at all times to pack your bag and travel to exotic places. It's an enjoyable adventure to travel the world on a backpacker's budget. It's an excellent chance to learn and experience the world, as well.

Remember that traveling is also an educational activity. Learn the culture or history of the city or country you're traveling to.

Unless you're sick, don't refuse to travel. You'll miss countless of interesting adventures if you do.

Step #5 - Enjoy your travel

There's no point in giving all your effort to obtain those cheap error fare flights if you don't enjoy your travel. Make it a point to enjoy and learn while traveling, so that your time will be optimized.

Don't forget to take your camera with you, so you can record memorable events during your travel.

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In a nutshell, error fare flights are there, but finding them can depend on lots of diligence and a dash of luck. The secret is to believe that you'll eventually find them - and you will, using the aforementioned methods.

You'll have to know how to take advantage of these cheaper flights because that chance may not come again.

Knowing where to find them is a great way to cut to the chase. All the information that you need in finding error fare flights are presented here. You'll just have to follow them.

Enjoy traveling the whole world with error fare flights, and live an adventurous life.

Have you ever found an error fare? Let us know in the comments.


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