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Cheap Open-Jaw Flights: How to Book and Search for Them

You might not know this but buying open-jaw tickets can reduce your travel cost to an incredibly low price.

You will definitely love the great discounts that come from the purchase of open-jaw tickets. Why travel expensively when you can do so at a lower price?

However, the problem lies now on how to find these open-jaw tickets.

Don't worry, because with diligence and a bit of luck, you can find them easily using certain search engines.

But first, what are open-jaw tickets?

What are open-jaw tickets?

Open-jaw tickets are tickets that are purchased within different destinations. An example is when you're bound to Amsterdam coming from Cheyenne, and then you'll be flying to New York on your way back, instead of going back to Cheyenne.

To put it simply; these are tickets that have different destinations and places of origin.

Where to find open-jaw tickets

Open-jaw tickets are relatively easy to find, IF, you know where to search for them.

Generally, open-jaw ticket can be more expensive than round trip tickets, but you'll appreciate the value of these open-jaw tickets with the richness of experiences when you travel around cities.

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Nevertheless, you can find CHEAP open-jaw tickets, if you're determined to. If this is your target, all you have to do is to surf online.

You can use Google ITA Matrix to book trips using different locations. There are other websites you can use too to search for these cheap open-jaw tickets, but based on experience using the Google ITA matrix for your search is more reliable because of its full functionality.

With the ITA Matrix Airfare Search, you can indicate multiple cities as your destination. Use commas to denote that you have multi-destinations.

You can also use search engines to find cheap flights for your multi-destinations, but they're not as specific as Google ITA.

How to use Google ITA Matrix Airfare Search

  1. On the Matrix Airfare Search, indicate that you want a round trip ticket by clicking on it.
  2. Fill up the necessary information. Carefully review them before submitting the information.
  3. On the destination black space, choose multiple cities, based on the provided selections.
  4. Specify where you departed from, your length of stay, date of departure and the number of persons traveling.
  5. Click "economy". This is understandable because you're looking for open-jaw flights.
  6. On the "stops" choose "no limit". This is also one indication that you're searching for open-jaw flights.
  7. Click on "calendar of lowest fares". This is applicable if you don't have a strict travel date that you have to stick to. This is the best way to search for lowest priced tickets.
  8. Put a check mark on "allow airport changes". This will signify to the search engine that you have the purpose of opting for open-jaw flights.
  9. Put a check mark on "only show flights and prices with available seats". There won't be any use including seats, which are already taken.
  10. Leave the spaces for "Currency" and "Sales city" blank or default.
  11. Click the search button and wait for the results.
  12. From the search results, you can easily select the cheapest ticket for your specific destinations.

Tips on using Google ITA Matrix Search

  • Provide as many details as you can to speed up and easily narrow down your search.
  • To be more in-depth in your search, use Google ITA with other search engines, such as the airline's website, Kayak or Hipmunk.
  • Explore all other destinations by indicating several options on your destination blank. Take note that you should input the correct codes as specified by Google ITA.
  • You must be alert at the onset to recognize open-jaw tickets. The first that you must look at are the FROM/TO options, and then, of course - the price.
  • If the open-jaw flight falls on a day you're not able to travel, you may still want to book it for your friends or family members. Someone might one to travel on that date, and to that destination.
  • Selecting "See calendar of lowest rates" as an option for your Google ITA search will allow you access to more open-jaw tickets.

Advantages of using Google ITA Matrix Search

  • You can personalize your search using Google ITA, facilitating your search for open-jaw tickets. The search engine is designed specifically for this purpose.
  • Google ITA can provide incredible details about your searched item, such as daily time departures for each month.
  • You can compare prices conveniently at one glance through Google ITA's simplified summary of all prices for that particular destination.
  • You can easily spot open-jaw flights through the comparison of prices from Google ITA's tabulated presentation.

Disadvantages of Google ITA Matrix Search

  • Google ITA doesn't always provide the details of where to purchase the tickets. In this case you'll need Hipmunk. Another option is to visit the airline websites one by one, which is a tedious process and therefore, not highly recommended.
  • You may need to use the airline's website itself to determine if that lowest price came from them. You can also use Kayak to confirm what airline offered that lowest price. Take note that the specifications should be the same.

If you can't still confirm the source of the flight with the lowest price that you have chosen, you can utilize Hipmunk to book your Google ITA Matrix flights.

Hipmunk is of crucial importance to Google ITA because it helps in booking the specific open-jaw flights that you have selected.

How to book your Google ITA Matrix flight using Hipmunk

Step #1 - Pick the cheapest flight using Google ITA

Use Google ITA to search for your preferred flight, as explained above. Compare all prices and details to choose the best open-jaw flight option for you. Note down the details of your choice because you'll use these data when searching using Hipmunk

Step #2 - Using Hipmunk, search for multi-destinations

Find where you can book tickets for your choice from step #1. You can find the details by using your Hipmunk search engine. Fill out the details correctly and then click search.

The search results should display the details of your search and some useful alternatives.

Step #3 - Search on Hipmunk using the details from your Google ITA

This will zero in on the specific flight, and help you pinpoint what airline is actually offering them. You can do this by indicating the destination and date of the flight on the specified blanks.

Step #4 - Fill out the "FROM" blank properly

This step is vital so that Hipmunk can present the best flight choices you can select from. You can go over the other destination selections. You may come across one you would like to include in your trip.

Step #5 - Fill in the rest of the required information

After indicating the "FROM" destination, you then proceed to fill out the rest of the information such as, the cities that you plan to visit, the inclusive dates, the number of persons, the length of stay and other necessary information. Specify the different locations correctly.

Step #6 - Copy and paste the destination codes from Google ITA to Hipmunk

This will help the Hipmunk search engine search for the flights more easily because Google ITA codes for all airports and airlines are recognized by Hipmunk's search engine.

That's why it's best to use both Google ITA and Hipmunk when searching for open-jaw tickets.

Step #7 - Specify the flight

The next step is to specify the flight. This is the shortest way to do it when you have the specific flight number. Hipmunk will find all the details of that flight, so you now can purchase the ticket indicated by Hipmunk's search engine.

Step #8 - Book your flight

You're now ready to book your flight at the lowest price. Double check every datum you have provided before finally booking your flight. Go for it! Enjoy your travel and earn the fruits of your efforts.

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Tips on using Hipmunk

  • There may be a slight difference on the price set by Google ITA and Hipmunk, but this should not be a problem for you, if the difference is only a few dollars. This won't matter for sure as long as your flight has the same details.
  • Using the exact flight numbers from Google ITA in your Hipmunk search engine will facilitate your search.
  • You can search flights more quickly by providing more detailed information. So, it's vital that you search for open-jaw flights first, using Google ITA before proceeding to Hipmunk.
  • Verify your entries before booking any flights. A wrong entry will invalidate your ticket and you will lose the chance to travel.
  • Take note that when entering the airline code and the flight number; there should be no spaces in between.
  • Hipmunk is an invaluable tool in searching for open-jaw flights. Use it optimally.

Learning about Google ITA and Hipmunk is essential in searching for your cheap open-jaw tickets.

Be a smart traveler by utilizing these effective methods in reducing your travel cost.

If you succeed in using these tools, you'll find traveling inexpensive and you would enjoy your travels more without scrimping so much on food and lodging.

Fulfill your dreams of traveling and live a life full of adventure and fun.

What are your experiences with open-jaw flights? Let us know in the comments.


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