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10 Unusual Ways to Save Money

Tired of stretching your budget and feeling depressed while waiting for the next payday? Here, are some ingenious saving techniques that will somehow bring some financial relief.

Minimize your time in front of the television

Less time spent in front of the television reduces the amount of product advertisements you see. This will prevent you from being tempted to buy the next in thing when you receive your next salary. Besides, you save on electric consumption as well.

Think Bargain

Scout your neighborhood for thrift shops, bargain sales, yard sales, and the like. Only purchase items that you need, not what you want. And don't ever buy items just because they are on sale because the chances of you ever using them is minimal.

Make full use of the library

If you enjoy reading, go to your library instead of buying reading materials. Minimize the use of the internet for reading. You are consuming a lot of electricity just by sitting around and reading, as well as exposing yourself to online advertisements.

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Be creatively fashionable

Mix and match your old clothes and dresses instead of buying new ones. You can even recycle old clothing to come up with new styles. A lot of people also custom tailor their clothes and create new cuts in them to make them look new again.

Bring cash only

Leave your credit card at home when shopping and limit your expenditure to the money you brought along. Having a credit card can be tempting to make more purchases because of the ease of swiping, and the fact that you don't physically see the money leaving your hand, so you are less likely to be aware of how much you are spending.

Be a coupon collector

Collect discount coupons, whether online or in print form. Better still, collect coupons only for the items that you need.

Use your gadgets till they break down

Don't succumb to the temptation of buying the latest model. If you have an old mobile phone, use it until you can't use it no more. It doesn't make you a lesser person if your mobile phone is outdated. As long as it can make calls and send SMS messages, there is no need to have other features like NFC or Bluetooth.

Pack your lunch

Bringing a meal with you to work or school will help you save your lunch money. Your savings can be used to buy food that can be shared by the whole family.

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Avoid buying temptations

Reduce the number of times you go to shopping malls during your spare time. This can encourage you to spend more unnecessary money and make you feel unsatisfied with what you already have. Instead use this time to start a new project such as a blog or website. It will give you more fulfilment and may even give you a new source of income.

Do I need this?

The final tip: always ask yourself this question before you buy anything.


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