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4 Things Successful People Start to Do Before Breakfast

You can bust yourself working the whole day and still fail to achieve success. You work from 9 to 5 and all you get is your paycheck every 15th and 30th of the month. Unfortunately, we have this strong notion that success can be achieved only during the time that we are working. What we fail to recognize is that our demeanor the whole day is determined by how we start in the morning.

Setting yourself up to become successful in your daily endeavor can be achieved by developing a pre-sunrise routine. Yes, that means that you need to wake up before the sun peeps in the horizon. You need to start your engine running early so that you can get ahead of the race.

1. Wake Up Early

You cannot start your morning routine without starting with the basic - waking up before the sun rises. This means that you need to re-arrange your life, if necessary, to be able to achieve this goal. You need to give yourself at least eight hours of sleep. So if you plan to wake up at five in the morning, you need to be asleep by 9 PM. It means that all other activities must cease before 9 PM and you are all set to hit the sack at this time.

Waking up early will set all other actions in motion. By starting ahead, you give yourself more time to accomplish a lot of things. You are not in a hurry to go to work; you do not miss your breakfast; and you will be able to accomplish all the other things listed below.

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2. Write Your Journal

Your mind is fresh and clear when you wake up in the morning. The cobwebs of yesterday are gone after you get a good night's rest. Waking up at dawn and writing your journal is a good way to start. You may want to start with a cup of coffee to pump up your adrenaline, but make sure that you sit down to write your journal.

Review what happened the previous day and write them down. Nothing is too trivial when writing a journal. The content of your diary does not even have to be dramatic or life-changing. Just write down what is in your mind. Then put into paper your thoughts for the day, your goals, and what you want to accomplish for the day. This way you can always look back the following morning to check whether you achieved what you set to do. It can also give you more insight on what you have done right or wrong and set out other options to correct or strengthen your actions.

3. Get Your Muscles Working

Exercising does not only keep you fit, it also keeps you alert and always on the go. It may appear tiring, but what you are actually doing is jump-starting your whole body system to work efficiently. It clears the cobwebs of your sleep and gives you a good dose of adrenaline to keep you awake. It also helps your mind to focus effectively.

4. Set Your Big Win

We mentioned earlier to write in your journal what you want to accomplish for the day. However, accomplishing something does not always equate to success. You may be able to finish the report that your boss expects you to complete, but the question still is "what's in it for you?"

Creating a "big win" means writing down a goal that will positively impact you. It may not necessarily be accomplished within a day, but you can break the bigger goals to smaller objectives that are easily achievable. Each step that you accomplish is your road to the "big win". It also gives you an advantage of not being burdened by the thought that your big win is hard to achieve. Each task that you accomplish offers a sense of fulfillment that can fuel you to complete the next task.

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Your goal here is not to "look busy"; it is to be productive. Being busy and being productive are two entirely different things. Although it can be argued that you cannot be productive without being busy, it can also be said that being busy does not always equate to being productive. What you need to accomplish is to work smart to achieve your "big win". Working smart means having the ability to identify which tasks are easy or difficult; knowing which resources you have or do not have to accomplish the task; and setting yourself a deadline to finish your task.

Do you know any other things successful people do before sunrise? Let us know in the comments.


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