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20 Highest Earning Websites in the World Right Now

Apparently, your dream is to have your website included in these Top 20 Earning Websites. Well, fret not, you can fulfill your dream if you're determined to do so. Success only happens to those who take risks and who are willing to work hard for their goals.

Persistence is also one factor that contributes to success. Never give up. Keep trying until you succeed. This list is based primarily on Alexa's ranking and on other ranking sites. The amount of visitors and the number of page views were also considered. This is due to the fact that the amount of visitors and the number of page views are considered indications of your site's ability to generate income.

This list is not arranged according to their website earnings and page views only but also based on their online visibility and user friendliness. So, there's a subjective input to the list.

Acquaint yourself with the following Top 20 Earning Websites

Google has the largest online network with an annual revenue of more than $50 billion. It's the primary online search engine. Online, Google is King, and "googling" became a way of life for searchers. Because of its popularity, the term "google" (to search on Google) has been added to the Oxford dictionary.

It provides various services such as:

Google+ - This is a site where users can join circles to share and interact with other members. You can categorize your circles into family, friends or acquaintances.

Google AdSense - This site helps you to make money online by allowing you to display ads on your site. It's one of the major sources of income of website owners.

Google Search - This is the major search engine online. It allows users to search for anything under the sun; images, articles, videos, webpages, information and many more.

Google Analytics - This is a webmaster's friend because it helps site owners to obtain necessary information about their site such as, amount of traffic, source of traffic, keywords used, most popular content, what content earned the most, and many more valuable site metrics that site owners need.

Google Mail - It's the primary email provider that facilitates communication between worldwide users. It also provides data storage for its users.

Google Translator - A reliable language translator utilized by people around the world to facilitate communication.

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There are other services offered by Google that makes the life of online users a blast. Without Google, the blogosphere would be a dull place to be.

Facebook is the leading social media site with more than 650 million active users. Its unique features of being able to share updates, pictures and links have made it the ultimate social media site. This site made more than $5 billion earnings in a year. Members can interact with each other by "liking", "tagging" and "sharing" posts with one another. You can also create pages, join groups and play online games on Facebook.

Yahoo is next to in terms of popularity and page views. It provides several services such as:

Yahoo! Search - Considered as the next major search engine with its customable research results.

Yahoo! Answers - This question and answer forum has joined Yahoo users from all over the world in providing answers to each other's questions.

Flickr - This is an image sharing site that allows users to share their pictures and images for free.

Yahoo Mail - Just like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail provide a means for online users to communicate with each other quickly. You can send almost anything from your Yahoo! Mail.

Yahoo Messenger - This provides web-chatting services where users can communicate in real time with one another. There are various groups that you can join. You can create virtual environments during chats or webcam chats.

Yahoo! News - This provides news around the world to online users; ranging from entertainment news, weather updates and recent events around the world. This became very popular site in terms of news that Google was not able to provide.

Yahoo! Games - Allows online users to play online game for free. There are thousands of games available for all types of players. Word games, racing games, and mind games are all available.

There are still many other services offered by Yahoo! That makes it one of the top 3 earning websites with around $5 billion annual revenue. is very popular in Japan. It has provided the same services as that of its mother website Yahoo!

This premier video-sharing site has all kinds of videos; from the extremely weird, to the hilarious videos, YouTube created a world of its own. If you don't watch YouTube, you're a caveman perhaps. Everyone watches YouTube. You can upload your own video, share videos and give a thumbs-up for videos you like. All famous personalities have YouTube videos. If they're not on YouTube, they're not famous enough. The amount of traffic generated by this site was around $2 billion worth of annual revenue.

Twitter is an essential tool for online users because it's the only social media site that requires its users to create a brief tweet in a 140-word composition. Twitter has been instrumental in successfully helping victims in natural calamities and in civil unrest all over the world. Twitter has generated $140 million in annual revenue. You can "tweet", "retweet", and "favorite" tweets that you would like to promote.

This is the primary search engine of Chinese speaking countries; much the same way as Google is to the English speaking countries. It provides simple and reliable search results to its clients. It grossed around $2.8 billion in annual revenue.

Amazon is primarily a business site where people can buy and sell products. It provides one-click buying, product reviews, wish lists, and similar services. You can buy almost anything from Amazon. It's the biggest online retailer generating almost $62 billion annual revenue.

Earning $2.7 million in annual revenue, Wikipedia has been a rich source of free content and information. Wikipedia has built its encyclopedia content from volunteer contributors who contributed the articles.

This is a marketplace for the Chinese community where they can find almost anything they want to purchase. It's similar to Amazon and Ebay.

This is China's widely used Internet portal. It provides instant messaging for its Chinese users.

India has one of the largest populations in the world, and Google has found another home in India. The services offered by this site are the same as what is offered by Google worldwide.

This has been a reliable provider up to this date. Their services are one of the best services in the world. The site has earned more than $70 billion in annual revenue.

PayPal is the most reliable money transfer online company. You can also purchase items securely from your PayPal account. It has been proven that online users trust PayPal. If you read PayPal's guidelines, your account will always be safe on this website.

LinkedIn is popular as a site where professionals meet one another. Generating annual revenue of $970 million, the site provides a venue where you can connect with people who belong to the same career or profession as you do.

This is an image sharing site that allows users to share images from their posts to attract potential customers. It permits users to pin their images for other members to repin, comment on and like. Pinterest has rapidly grown in popularity, providing Internet marketers an effective way of advertising their products and websites. Pinterest has generated around $46 million in annual revenue.

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This is similar to Amazon but is considered a thrift store where online users can sell used products, antique valuables and products. Ebay has become an institution in online marketing.

This site provides search engine capabilities and follows closely behind Google and Yahoo. It was developed by Microsoft and can search images, posts, videos and many more through its search engine.

It provides free hosting services for bloggers, and many more. Bloggers find blogspot's user-friendly features superb for their blogging activities. There are widgets for HTML codes, images, links, recent posts, most popular posts, and followers that users can simply click and move around in their template's layout. Newbie bloggers prefer (blogspot) because it's more user friendly than Wordpress. Users can also design their blogs easily and conveniently even without considerable knowledge about HTML codes.

With annual revenue of almost $3 billion, has provided reliable answers to questions of online users. Its quality answers has made a power to reckon with this coming 2015.

These are the Top 20 websites based on amount of page views and annual revenue. Remember, these are also the favorite sites of online users. Is your favorite website included? If it's not included, you can add to this list using the comment section below.

Did we miss any other top earning websites? Let us know in the comments.


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