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Sophia Amoruso: Shoplifting Her Way to Success

Who would have thought that a girl who was once caught shoplifting would become a successful businesswoman later on. Such is the story of Sophia Amoruso, the power behind the fashion giant Nasty Gal.

Not Your Typical Business Role Model

Amoruso was a rebellious teen who dropped out of school at 17 and left her home to go about her merry ways. In order to support herself, she pilfered things from stores until she got caught.

According to Amaruso, that was her wake-up call. Lucky for her she wasn't thrown to jail, but the experience opened her eyes to the error of her ways.

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Just Trying to Survive

Later, Amaruso developed a hernia so she needed a permanent job to support herself. She worked as a security guard at an art school because, according to her, the job came with health insurance benefit.

In her boredom, she read a book about selling on eBay and this gave her the momentum that swept her to the top of the world of business.

The eBay Experience

It is on eBay that Amaruso discovered her skill in selling. Her product was vintage clothing she bought from thrift shops, second-hand stores, and Salvation Army. She was so good at it that she was able to sell a used Chanel jacket that she bought for $8 for over a thousand.

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Unconventional that she was, she graduated from eBay and bought a website - former porn site - to sell her vintage clothing line. Aptly called Nasty Gal, her business is now recognized as one of the profitable business venture in

Getting in Touch with the Customers

Amaruso confers that her success is not brought about by the uniqueness of her idea alone. She emphasized the importance of getting in touch with her customers and having a "conversation" with them. Even during the infancy of social media, she had been adept at using it to connect with her customers.

Our circumstances in life do not define who we are or what we could become. Like Sophia Amaruso, we all have the opportunity to become successful - even in an unconventional way.


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