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Milton Hershey: The Sweet Story of Success

If you think a Hershey's bar can make your day, read more about the person behind the most famous chocolate candy and learn from his life.

Don't let personal circumstances hinder you

Believe it or not, Hershey only finished fourth grade. Not because he wanted to, but his family's constant moving prevented him from doing so. His lack of formal education did not deter him from learning new things.

Education is very important, but learning doesn't happen only in the confines of a classroom. Keep your eyes alert and your mind open and let new things come into your life.

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Lesson 1: Never stop learning

Don't give up on your dreams

As successful as his company is today, Hershey's early foray to business ended in disaster. His first candy factory did not take off the ground and went bankrupt. It appeared that his six years of hard work would come to naught.

Like the candies that he sold, Hershey kept coming back for more. He learned more about the candy making business and experimented with various flavors until he found the right combination that suited his customers' palate.

Lesson 2: Don't let failures bring you down

Try and try until you get it right

The Hershey's bar that we know today is a product of countless experimentation and testing. Hershey spent valuable hours with his concoction until he got the perfect combination of cocoa, milk, and sugar.

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You can come up with a good product, but there's always a way to produce a better one.

Lesson 3: Perfect your art

Turn regrets into something beautiful

In spite of his business success, Hershey still valued what he didn't have in life - education. What he missed growing up was also his inspiration to provide one to other people. Not only did he build schools, he also created communities for his employees - complete with churches, parks, and a transportation system.

Lesson 4: Give back to the world


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