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Maureen Kelly: A Different Shade of Success

Business plans are essential when starting an enterprise - but that's not the case with Maureen Kelly, the driving force behind the cosmetic giant Tarte.

Go by Your Guts

What sets Kelly apart from other businesspersons is the way she runs her business - using her instinct. She does not have a background in management nor does she has any idea how to run a business. What she has is an innate desire to become successful and to work hard to achieve her goals.

Against Industry Trend

When the sales generated by the whole cosmetic industry was going down, Kelly's Tarte was doubling its income. Experts attribute her company's success to Kelly's ability to know what is going to be the next trend. One online beauty magazine editor went to the extent of saying that she has "prescient sense".

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Another unconventional approach that Kelly took is her choice of ingredients for her cosmetic line. When the cosmetic industry was turning to synthetic components because they are less expensive, she was looking at using natural ingredients.

Her instinct was proven right as more people became more environmentally-conscious, they began patronizing products made of natural ingredients. This eventually led to increased sales and wider client base.

Follow your instincts to be different

Unwavering Determination

Among her many qualities, the most admirable is her dogged will to succeed. She started her business with funds coming from her credit card. She asked the help of friends and relatives to do the packaging of her products, compensating them only with pizza and wine.

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Not only that, she even went to the extent of marketing her product herself. She personally went to offices of magazine publishers, albeit in disguise, to hand out sample products in order to get a chance to be interviewed. In no time, her beauty products are seen in the pages of magazines.

Starting and operating a business does not always need to follow the glide path set by the powers-that-be. At times, you only need to follow what your instinct tells you and work doubly hard to achieve what you set to accomplish.

Bring your determination into the world


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