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Juliette Brindak: A Life Lesson from a Girly Thing

A simple idea can actually turn out into something big! This is the story of Juliette Brindak, a young entrepreneur who is now the proud CEO of a $15-million dollar website MissOandFriends.

The Seed of Success

It all started with a simple drawing made by Juliette for her younger sister Olivia. It was the little girl's birthday and big sister thought that it would be a great idea to give her something really personal.

So Juliette made a sketch of her sister along with her friends. The young ones were so elated with what they saw and from that reaction arose a new internet sensation.

Lessons Learned

Olivia's and her friends reactions could have just been one moment in time that was captured and memorialized in a photo album and left in the storage of memories had it not been for Juliette's intuitive reaction to the event. So what did she do right?

1. Turn a Momentous Event into Business

The young girls' reaction to the drawing made Juliette realize that she had a gold mine in front of her. So instead of just taking snapshots, she turned it into a business.

2. Ask the help of experts

The project wouldn't have taken off the ground had Juliette not asked the help of Olivia's designer mother to convert the hand-drawn picture to digital format. Her father, who has experience in business, helped in creating a business model revolving around what young girls want, like, and love.

3. Get in touch with reality

The success of the website is the product of providing what its target audience really appreciates. The website's content constantly evolves and is always focused in meeting young girls' expectations.

4. Maximize the power of the internet

Today, Juliette runs a virtual office with employees spread across the US and Canada. A business will thrive not only because of a great idea, but also because of the people that keep the enterprise going.

5. Abide by the law

Because the main target market is children, the website makes sure that all contents are appropriate and follow Children's Online Privacy Act. Parents feel safe that their children are in good hands when they access the site because of this.

There are thousands of great ideas circling us around daily. With inquisitive eyes and a curious mind, you surely will be able to stumble around an amazing inspiration that can become the next big success story.


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