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5 Reasons You Will Never Be Successful

Success is something that everyone aspires for, be it at work or at home. All of us believe that if we are successful, we can do anything and have everything that we desire for. It is not uncommon for anyone to aspire for success even at a young age. We are brought with a mindset that we need to develop our talent, excel in academics, be number in sports, or simply, to become the best.

While skills, talent, smarts, and creativity can lead to success, there are also other factors that prevent us from being successful even though we have those traits. Here are five traits that are proven hindrance to becoming successful.

1. Living up to the expectation of other people

Parents expect their children to excel; bosses expect their employees to perform their best at work. Expectations are part of our day-to-day existence. The problem is when expectations rule our life; when we always think about what others might say about us.

Trying to fulfill everyone's expectation is a sure way of not achieving success. When you are always thinking of what others might say or react, you always second-guess yourself. You are always unsure whether what you are doing is right or wrong to the point of not being able to do anything. Meeting other people's expectation, per se, is not bad; allowing the expectation of others to define who you are is what will cause you to fail.

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2. Thinking too much about trivial things

Getting yourself preoccupied with mundane things keeps your focus away from what is important. There are people who make a lot of fuzz about not having their hair done properly or having wrinkles on their clothes. While it is important to become presentable to others, wasting your energy on how you want to look better than everyone everyday simply is not worth it.

If you have the habit of nitpicking what others are doing, then you are wasting valuable time. Getting irritated easily by other people's actions that do not have any direct effect on your life is a waste of your precious energy.

3. Reliving your failures over and over again

There always is a moment in everyone's life that they fail - it is just natural and normal. The problem is when you keep living on the past thinking that you will always fail because you did before. Even if you get over the hump, you keep on thinking that you will encounter the same obstacle again and you think that you will fail miserably the second time around.

This negative thinking will not get you anywhere because you doubt yourself from the get-go. If you continue to let the past failures rule your day, you might as well forgo your pursuit of success. Failures are not obstacles; they are stepping stones. You will learn what to do right by knowing what is wrong. Without this important life lesson, you will not have the right foundation for success.

4. Getting ahead of yourself

Seeing yourself as an owner of a thriving business in the future or a big player in a professional sports league is a very good motivation to get yourself going. However, if you start living your life today as if you already made it is a sure formula for failure.

Dream of future success is not something that you need to talk or brag about every day. Instead, it must be your inspiration to focus all of your energy to make your dream a reality. Unless you achieve your dream, you are nothing but what you are what you are today. So get real, you still have a long way to go. Start taking that important step now, instead of standing still and listening to the sound of your voice bragging about how you will become the star of the future.

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5. Being a sore loser

There are people who simply cannot accept defeat. The worst thing is that they keep on thinking about not being able to succeed. They keep on blaming others for their failure and not looking at themselves. It is always other people's fault and there are always excuses.

You will not be successful every time; you will not get what you want when you want them - that is just a fact. Sulking when someone beats you to the goal is not just the way to go about life. Just accept the fact that there are other people who are better than you. Rather than being a sore loser, learn to accept defeat gracefully and move on.

Do you know any other reasons why you are not successful? Let us know in the comments.


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