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Secrets to Good Money Karma

Having a positive relationship with money and good outlook can make earning money so much easier. Having good money karma starts from within you. You project your outlook onto your earning situation and everything flows from there. Here are some secrets to help your money karma:

Decide to make money for others first. Choosing to improve the life of others makes it easier to improve your own life in turn. Living a life for others will make you feel more deserving of having good things in your life.

Understand money comes and goes. Instead of always focusing on the money you don't have, be grateful for the money you do have. Be at peace that money must flow in and out of your life. If all you think about is the money leaving, that's all you will ever see. Create a harmony and balance and note how you will receive money and give money.

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Throw away the notion that "money is the root of all evil." This is poison and toxic. Be positive about money and see it for what it can contribute to the world. Be generous with your money and notice the good it does in the lives of others.

Tithe. It doesn't have to be to a religious group, it could be to a local charity. Set aside a small or large amount every month to give back. This will help you to not cling to money you feel is yours. Give and you will receive.

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As the phrase goes, you are the captain of your own ship. You decide how to view money and your relationship with it. Thinking of money in positive ways and being open and generous will allow you to be more at peace with yourself and others.

I have heard countless stories of people that have taken these simple steps and witnessed their financial securities improve. There was a time too when I donated close to $50 to a charity and on that same day, the earnings I received from my websites tripled. Try these steps for a month and see if your money karma improves.


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