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Scorpio Money and Career Horoscope Profile

Professional Career

Scorpions are ruled by the Sun and can therefore excel in any of their career choices. However, with Mars ruling over them they would fit best in the police or military and other professions that are pressure-packed. They, too, can excel in careers where they are independent.

Because Scorpions are intuitive by nature, they can also do well in the medical profession. Analysis and careers that require high degree of ability to strategize are also excellent choices because of the Scorpion's ability to work hard and dedicate themselves to their jobs.

Other notable professions for Scorpions are astrology, psychic endeavors, market analysis, stock brokerage, banking, insurance, and investments.

Jupiter is the dominant planet for Scorpions when it comes to financial matters, making them ideal for stints in the stock market as well as fund investments.

Scorpions are extremely loyal and hardworking. They are imaginative, self-motivated, intuitive, and problem-solvers. They are often admired by their colleagues because these positive traits.

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Money Matters

Money is a big deal for Scorpions because of their affinity to the Sun. As such, inheritance, taxes, annuities and joint investments are of major importance to them.

Even at an early age, Scorpions are known for their ability to make money. Their success is measured by how much they have stowed in the bank. They show their success through material things such as jewelry, branded clothing, and expensive cars. They like to surround themselves with anything that will outwardly show how much successful they are in making money.

In spite of the seemingly expensive lifestyle of Scorpions, they are also generous in sharing their wealth. This is because they sit next to Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter, a planet known for its enormity and magnanimity.

While it is said that Scorpions have the innate ability to produce wealth, some of them do not make enough until they are old and have made a name for themselves. This can be attributed to one of their characteristics which is their uncompromising belief in their ability. They do not just take jobs just for the sake of being employed. Instead, they choose jobs that can pay them decently while at the same time help build their reputation.

Employee Traits

As employees, Scorpions are known for their skills and timeliness. They have an admirable capability to perform any work and they are also known as self-starters. They have the uncanny ability to organize their tasks by developing systems that will make their work easy and efficient. They are fully aware of what their employers expect of them.

Scorpions are also known for their ability to prioritize. This is because they are able to set their own goals, whether these are short, medium, or long term. They measure their success by their capacity to achieve what they set their eyes on. They know where to put their energy and gossiping is not one of them. In the same token, Scorpions do not tolerate being talked about.

People who are easy-going will feel threatened by the work ethic of Scorpions. People who prefer to take easy on the job will misunderstood Scorpions' productivity as getting into the good graces of the employer. At times, it is better for a Scorpion to lie low and not show his/her full capacity to prevent envy from co-employees.

Scorpions are also known to be courageous, innovative, fearless, and risk-takers. They are not afraid to delve into the unknown especially when they see their employment opportunity as a dead-end. They will feel better when they challenge themselves to venture in other undertakings just to satisfy their sense of adventure.

Because money is a symbol of success, Scorpions take pride in their work and the quality of their workmanship. These traits seldom miss the eyes of employers and they are often rewarded for their accomplishments. The Scorpions' ability to use the power of their mind, their intuitive nature, and their logical approach to work puts them ahead of their co-employees.

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Scorpions do not take insults easily. They are known to retaliate against anyone whom they feel maligned them become they believe that they must protect their integrity. They are not afraid to voice out their opinions and set anyone straight. They always take the high road when it comes to matters of principle.

Loyalty is another endearing trait of Scorpions, whether they are employees or employers. Scorpion bosses will give every opportunity for growth to any employee whom they feel deserving. Likewise, Scorpion employees will give their utmost best to employers who show appreciation of their skills and contribution to the company.

Do you know an other money and career traits for Scorpio? Let us know in the comments.


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