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Sagittarius Money and Career Horoscope Profile

Professional Career

In terms of employment, Sagittarians follow the rule of Virgo because of their knack for detailed work and enormous pictures. By nature, they seem appear to be carefree and easy-go-lucky. These traits make Sagittarians appear to be less competitive or ambitious. However, they are really hardworking and successful in their own right.

Sagittarians are actually go-getters and they do not allow others to just say no to them. This is because Jupiter is their ruling planet and this makes them ideal for jobs in import-export, banking, foreign relations, finance, and legal profession. Travelling and interacting with different cultures is within their milieu, but they can also excel as teachers, corporate employees or executive trainers.

As a business partner, Sagittarians are known for the creativity and honesty. They are fiercely independent and they value the freedom they have in the business partnership. They always seek creative ways of doing things to make their tasks challenging and dynamic.

Sagittarians always try to look for the bigger picture. They know the value of their work and they put all their effort in every minor detail of the task. They are fast worker and they make sure that everything is done the right way.

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Money Matters

Sagittarians are more concerned with what they produce rather than what they get paid. They commit themselves fully to what they do, making them excellent workers. They feel that they deserve the pay that they get only if they can prove themselves with the work that they did. This means that Sagittarians equate their income with what they produce, that is, the amount of their salary is commensurate to the work that they produce.

General financial matters are governed by the zodiac sign Libra and the planet Venus. This makes Sagittarian practical when it comes to material things. They have no qualms of spending their hard-earned money on things that they need. They spend wisely and do not waste their money on unimportant things. If they need a television, they will not settle for a 24" inch monitor, but would go to the extent of buying the biggest TV that they can afford. This make Sagittarians look like extravagant fools, but they just don't buy the most expensive ones because they are always looking for the cheapest that they can buy.

Because Sagittarians are ruled by Venus, they also have a penchant for things that are artsy and aesthetically pleasing. Paintings, sculptures, furnishings, and other works of art are on top of a Sagittarian's must-have list. Complimentary to being under Venus is the Sagittarians fortune of earning large sums of money in different stages of their lives.

Employee Traits

Sagittarian employs do not work well with bosses who badger, control, or dictate. They take pride in knowing what they are doing without the need to be reminded every so often. They need to feel that they are trusted to do the best that they can. Once trust is established, a Sagittarian will produce the best kind of work within a reasonable period of time.

Sagittarians are known for their ability to focus their mind to their work, no matter how challenging it is. They are not prone to complaining and are always happy doing what is assigned to them. They exude enthusiasm and positivity, making them a vital component in any work environment.

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are known for their grand output. They do not just produce things; they produce grandiose things. Their creativity and optimism allow them to manage even the most difficult projects. However, when given a budget they may tend to overspend. In this regard, it is very important to set the ground rules at the onset of a project to let the Sagittarian know the boundaries when it comes to finances.

Because of the propensity to be grand, Sagittarians have a way with words making them ideal for sales or marketing positions. They can throw a sales pitch like no other. This somehow creates an impression that Sagittarians are unethical. They seem to be authors of great tales that is almost impossible to believe. This can be associated with their trait of grandiosity and enthusiasm.

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Another trait that Sagittarians may not be proud of themselves is their being lax about time. Because they have the ability to finish tasks in a short period of time, they may appear to be taking too much time before they start working. But once they set the ball in motion, there is no stopping a Sagittarian.

As an employee, Sagittarians are known to produce their best when offered incentives. This does not mean that they will now work without offers of bonuses. Because Sagittarians view money as a reflection of what they can do, the more they given financial rewards the more they feel in themselves that their work is valued. Innate in any Sagittarian is their pride in their work. This makes them honest and tactful and they will not allow anything that will compromise their integrity as a worker.

Do you know an other money and career traits for Sagittarius? Let us know in the comments.


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