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6 Miraculous Prayers for Money That Really Works

"Knock and the door shall be opened. Ask, and you shall receive." This is a famous verse that has been proven to be true. Praying fervently for your needs and working hard to fulfill that need will certainly allow you to get them. If you want money, then fervently ask for it through your prayers.

However, some people don't know how to pray. Don't sweat it out. You don't have to learn how to pray. You only have to express your innermost thoughts to God, and that is already prayer. Praying in a quiet place will keep you focused and relaxed. Your prayer must also be sincere and heartfelt.

To help you out, here are simple steps you can follow:

1. Thank God first for blessings received

No one can outdo good in His generosity. But you have to learn how to appreciate all the blessings you receive from Him by giving thanks first. This should be the first part of your prayer. The more you appreciate your blessings, the more you'll be blessed. Grateful and appreciative people are optimists. When you have a positive frame of mind, you'll attract more positive energy, and consequently, more successes.

2. Affirm God's role in your life

Acknowledge that God is your master. Accept his major role in your life. By doing this, you're welcoming positive energy that will come your way. Recognize God's essential role in your life. Claim the victory already and nothing can go wrong. Be aware of His presence. That's why when you succeed; don't credit yourself alone, give credit to God, above all.

3. State your petition/prayer

Afterwards, you can state your petition or needs. Rest assured that God knows what you need even before you say them, but you have to express it anyhow. This will positively define your need, and help you realize what you must do to obtain it. Being more specific about your petition can help you visualize your actions too. What can you do to obtain your goal?

4. Ask for intervention from other divine spirits

This is optional. You may send your prayer directly to God, which is the simplest way to do it. Although, you don't need any intervention from anyone, you may want to include this in your prayer. Examples of these are asking intervention from: Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Virgin Mary, Moses, and other religious icons.

5. Pray for everyone

When you pray for everyone, you're also praying for yourself. It's only when you ensure the welfare of others, that you can ensure our own. You can only say you love God, when you love the people around you.

After learning these steps, you can now compose your own prayers. Compose short but sincere prayers.

Here are sample prayers you can use:

Prayer #1 - Prayer for Abundance

Dear God, we thank you for your generous blessings and kindness.

We're grateful to you for providing our daily needs and for our spiritual and physical nourishment.

We thank you for guiding all beings here on earth towards righteousness and nobility.

It's with this thankful heart that we come once again to ask for your all-encompassing love.

We affirm that you're omniscient, all powerful and loving.

We affirm your power and might.

We affirm your all-abounding generosity.

We come before you with thankful hearts to pray for abundance;

Abundance for people of all races, creed or color,

Abundance for our friends,

Abundance for our families,

And abundance for ourselves.

Grant that we, not only, acquire wealth and money but spiritual and moral wealth, as well.

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May we use this according to your will and divine guidance.

May all divine spirits support us in our prayer for abundance.

Prayer #2 - Prayer for Money

A new day has set forth amidst this ethereal horizon.

With gratitude we watch the wonder of the sight of the sun rising up in the east. With fervor we pray that those golden rays would reach all people here on earth.

No one can surpass your generosity and concern for us, Dear Lord. We know that without them, we can't even lift a finger. Without your permission, we can't obtain the benefits of money.

So, we'll strive hard to work for our own keep. We know that the greater the effort we exert in earning our money, the greater will be the reward.

We're willing to serve you, while working hard. We're certain that with our persistence and your blessings, abundance would be manifested from our endeavor.

Bestow your guiding hand that whatever financial gains we reap, we'll not forget that they all come from you.

Our wealth will serve as a tool to stay righteous and to help those in need.

May our prayers merit your blessings.

Prayer #3 - Prayer for Prosperity

The immense universe exists because of your limitless power Oh Lord. The sun, the moon, and the ocean reveal your divine energy.

Without it, we can never remain alive in this world.

We thank you for all of these good things you created that make our lives meaningful and worth living.

May you grant us food, shelter and financial resources in our mundane existence. May you find our work worthy of monetary rewards.

May you deem it proper that we deserve to earn good money from our efforts.

May you bless us with peace, prosperity and happiness the rest of our lives. We know that nothing happens without your great blessings.

This we ask in Jesus' name. Amen.

Prayer #4 - Prayer for Financial Blessings

Lord of all ocean and land; God of all universe, you're the creator of everything.

With awe, we basked in the beauty and wonder of your presence.

With humility, we bow our heads amidst your ultimate power above all living things.

For all of these, we're thankful, and appreciative of life's essence.

Your love and generosity know no bounds; they just keep coming.

Sometimes, like fresh raindrops into our dreary and drab existence.

We promise to live an honest and upright life, while working;

Working for our bread and butter in a way that our lives would make sense.

Grant that our sincere efforts will be rewarded with financial blessings.

Grant that we know how to use these in proper ways with your acquiescence.

Bequeath your divine wisdom that we can learn the noble trait of sharing.

May our financial blessings be put to good use and not on frivolous ambivalence.

We pray fervently that you grant our sincere appeal and bidding.

Prayer #5 - Prayer for Wealth

Kneeling before you humbled and thankful, I come to you God.

My life thus far has been a string of good things and great happenings.

The gratitude I feel is immense and I'm truly grateful for all of these.

I know, without me asking, you know what I need and want.

But today, I would like to vocalize my need.

Dear God, please help me to prosper and achieve my dreams of wealth and fortune.

This - I know - will not be achieved unless I'm willing to work hard for it.

I'll do my best to obtain this through honorable and honest means.

I know I can do it with your guiding hand and inspiring presence.

I will be victorious against challenges that will come my way.

I'll persist until I obtain my goal.

But I can't do this God, without your powerful hand to direct me.

Please help me possess that indomitable spirit and mind to keep going.

With your blessings, I can triumph over all the problems I'll encounter.

With your all-abounding love, I'll surely attain success in the end.

Prayer #6 - Prayer for Affluence

We're all gathered before you to pray for affluence.

We desire this not only for ourselves but for others, as well.

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Through this blessing, we can share our blessings with other people too.

Through our affluence, we can spread the good news of our salvation.

We pray not only for monetary affluence, but also for physical and spiritual affluence.

Help us stay grounded, while fulfilling our dream.

Help us respect and love other people, while achieving our objective.

Help us know the difference between being the master of our affluence and being the master of affluence.

Help us use it for the good of all.

Help us spread your word of good cheer and love through.

Make us ambassadors of your generosity.

May you grant our petition and allow us to fulfill our dreams.

You can use any of these prayers when praying for money. Keep in mind that your sincerity in praying is what counts. If you pray like a parrot, you'll never earn enough blessings for you to succeed. Hence, if you want to pray for money, start now and you'll see the positive effects eventually.

Of course, it goes without saying that when praying for money, you must couple this with hard work. Praying for money and not acting is like praying to God to win the lottery, but not buying a ticket. And to complete the success formula, you must have the blessings of THE one being above us all - God!

Do you know of any other money prayers? Let us know in the comments.


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