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Pisces Money and Career Horoscope Profile

Professional Career

Pisces individuals excel in careers where they can show their creativity and ability to understand human nature. They are at their best when helping other people and offering solutions to problems. Their fulfillment cannot be found in fame, fortune, power, or money.

Pisces always make sure that the tasks they are assigned with are done properly and correctly. They have their own way of doing things which sometimes puzzles their co-employees. Although they always aim to provide the best of themselves, Pisces also have the tendency to be lazy, useless, and depress. This happens when they are working in a wrong profession that does not give them satisfaction and fulfillment. The challenge for Pisces is finding the right niche for their temperament.

Because of their humanitarian nature, careers in education, medicine, social welfare, and nursing are best for Pisces. They can also excel in charitable works and may find themselves thriving in radio, television, film, public relations, advertising, and theater. Music and the arts are also good career choices for Pisces.

Money Matters

Money is not a primary priority of Pisces; however, they can really acquire large sums if they set their mind to it. This is because Mars is their ruling planet which has a great influence in the way Pisces earn.

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Although Pisces have the great ability to earn, they are also challenged by their tendency to overspend. This is because Mars is considered a conflicted planet, putting a person to do the extremes. This conflicting attitude requires Pisces to be honest and forthcoming with their partners regarding financial matters before they settle in for good.

Capricorn is the ruling sign of Pisces when it comes to business. As a sign of cautiousness and thrift, Capricorn can temper the Pisces tendency to overspend. They only need to realize that they have to strike a balance in their life so that they do not always go to extremes.

Employee Traits

Pisces employees are rather delicate in nature and may require more understanding. They are imaginative individuals who need confirmation and support. They must be given the leeway to express themselves; otherwise, they can be lazy, depressed, or indifferent.

Although they require their own space, Pisces also needs to be monitored. They must be made aware of their boundaries and their passion and creativity must be fully directed to produce the best results. With proper guidance, Pisces employees will feel confident and will provide their employers with the best work output.

Pisces do not handle pressure very well. They tend to become detached and aloof when they are under immense pressure. Generally, they are very sociable. Their detachment from others is a significant warning that they are on to something. During the times when they detach themselves, someone must be able to reach out to them to make sure that they are alright. Otherwise, Pisces employees with too much burden on their shoulder will not be productive.

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Outwardly, Pisces do not appear to be ambitious. This is because they do not set their eyes on money and earnings. However, this does not discount the fact that they actually setting their minds to getting promoted. They do this by patiently waiting and just doing what is expected of them. They learn as much as they can along the way and in time, they are able to acquire all the knowledge and skills to run a company on their own.

Do you know an other money and career traits for Pisces? Let us know in the comments.


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