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How Money Can Become a Blessing or a Curse

Money can buy you any material thing BUT happiness. Probably, you're one of the majority of people who think that if only they had more money, they would be the happiest men on earth.

Here's the sad news! There are countless of wealthy men who ended up miserable and unhappy despite their humongous wealth and loads of cash. Yes, their money has not given them happiness.

This is because you can never equate money with happiness. It doesn't mean that the more money you have, the happier you are. Of course, there are also men who have gained happiness through their money, but compared to those who ended up miserable, these are exceptions instead of the rule.

The lack of money can also cause misery and unhappiness, but there are more poor people who are happier than most wealthy people. Hence, money can either be a blessing or a curse depending on how you handle it. Having wads of cash in your hands can actually be a curse, allowing you to make your greed for money control the way you live.

Money is not the answer

There are countless of wealthy people who have led miserable loves in spite of being wealthy.

Wealthy people attest to the fact that possessing wealth actually makes them aspire for more. The greed keeps getting bigger and bigger and unfulfilled, until you fall into the trap of allowing money to be your God.

There are countless of wealthy people who have led miserable loves in spite of being wealthy. This proves that money is not the solution to unhappiness.

To prove this point, there are several wealthy persons who committed suicide such as, Mr. Allen, a wealthy banker, Mr. Smith, an heir, and Mr. Williams, a Wall Street billionaire.

Apparently, money was not the answer to their problems. Money has brought them pain, despair and unhappiness instead. This is because they made their love for money the focal points of their lives, forgetting all the simple but more valuable things around them.

How money can become a curse

As oftentimes mentioned; "The love for money is the root of all evil."

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Notice the word "love for money". It doesn't say that money is evil. It says the "love for money." Therefore, money is not evil, but it's men who turn it into an evil tool, when they love money and allow money to rule their lives. In this instance money becomes a curse. You should learn how to use money and not allow money to use you. You should be the master, and not the other way around.

It has been documented that with more money, you also accrue more debts.

Because money has the ability to buy material things, most men find happiness in acquiring these material things. But this is only up to a certain extent. As their wealth increases, and they acquire more possessions, they become greedy and want more and more, until their need turns into a destructive obsession.

It has been documented that with more money, you also accrue more debts. Consequently, with more debts come more problems. Based on these facts, isn't the person with just enough money for his basic needs and less debts be more fortunate than one with more money but with more debts? This is one important question you can ponder on.

Use your money properly

There are wealthy, good men written in the Bible, namely King Solomon, Abraham and Barnabas.

So, how can you use your money properly? How can you use money and not let money destroy your life? You'll have to acquire a proper perspective about money. Money should never be used to inflict pain and misery to other people. It should be used to alleviate the pain and suffering - not only of yourself - but of other people, as well.

The Bible doesn't condemn money, but the love for it. There are wealthy, good men written in the Bible, namely King Solomon, Abraham and Barnabas.

Mr. Schwartz patterned his life on these wealthy and good men from the Bible. He started his company with Jesus as his guide. And as his company prospered, he gave more and more. Yet, as he gave more, his company prospered and his wealth grew in leaps and bounds.

This man knew how to use his money properly by giving and helping other people. Likewise, don't hoard your money because unused money is just as bad as being selfish and greedy. One example of using your wealth improperly is being unable to spend it wisely.

A couple, Mr. and Ms. X, had won millions of dollars in a lottery. They spent the money gambling, partying every night, painting the town red with their friends, and had bought expensive things that they didn't really need. After a few months, they ended up broke and homeless.

With your wealth, learn how to be a responsible steward. God has given you that gift, so nurture it so it could multiply and help more people around you.

Wealth is transitory

In the Bible, there are various verses warning people that wealth is only transitory, and that it's more difficult for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven.

Jesus, in his "Sermon on the Mount" said:

"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also".

He was talking about how useless it is to store your material possessions here on earth because they can be stolen and destroyed. Also when you die, you cannot take them with you to heaven.

Therefore, you should strive to earn spiritual riches by cultivating yourself spiritually because these are treasures you can take to heaven. Wealth is transitory and temporary and can bring you a false sense of security. Hence, beware of this pitfall. Don't put all your hopes and security on money. It can also be lost instantly through fire or natural catastrophes. Don't allow yourself to be ensnared in the powerful web of your greed for money.

Acquire your wealth honestly

Loving money, to the point of being ruthless and uncaring in earning it, is evil.

Money acquired through dirty and illegal means is usually easily lost. Earn your wealth without embezzling others, or causing them pain. Loving money, to the point of being ruthless and uncaring in earning it, is evil. Don't allow your greed for money control your way of life.

If you want to acquire money and become rich, do so in a respectable and honest way. There's nothing wrong in wanting to be rich, but earn your keep honestly. If you succeed in acquiring wealth, then use your wealth to fulfill your basic needs and help other people. You don't have to buy 5 cars, when you only need 2. Share whatever you have with other people who need them most.

If you have two ears of corn, you should not hesitate to share the other one when a hungry and impoverished person cries for food. Your action will be rewarded a thousand fold even if you're not aware of it.

There was a story about a beggar who obtained a few grains of rice on his bowl after hours of begging. A rich man happened to pass by. He noticed the beggar's grains of rice in his cup. The rich man asked for some rice grains, but the beggar refused, for the reason that the rich man was supposed to be giving him instead of asking from him.

But the rich man was persistent, and after a few minutes of hesitation, the beggar held the rice bowl up to him. The rich man grabbed a few grains, but the beggar, quickly withdrew the bowl, thinking nothing would be left for him. The beggar refused to give more, so the rich man shrugged his shoulders and sauntered on.

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After the rich man left, the beggar felt he was so stupid to have shared his few grains of rice. He started counting the grains regretfully, and lo and behold, at the bottom of the bowl were gold nuggets the size of a grain. The gold nuggets were equal to the amount of rice grain that the rich man took from him.

Imagine how the beggar must have felt. His regret was profound. If only he had given more, then he would have also taken more. You can glean a significant lesson from this story. Give and you shall receive more.

How money can become a blessing

Use your money wisely and turn it into a blessing. How? The answer is quite simple. Use it to help make your life and the life of people around more blessed. Use your money to help feed the billions of hungry people around the world. Assist the throngs of oppressed people who may never see the light of day.

Help teach the young children how to read and write. Give to the indigent and the needy. You should realize that it's only in giving that you can become richer. Use your money as a tool to improve other people's lives. Money can thus become a blessing.

In summary, money is neither good nor bad; it's how you use it that determines its classification. Don't acquire money using dirty means because this will never pay off positively. Avoid hoarding it. Instead, use it to do good and to help other people. Your conviction to use money wisely can be strengthened if you follow Jesus Christ and listen to his teachings. Start earning and using your money properly and you'll live a happy and contented life.

Do you think money is a blessing or a curse? Let us know in the comments.


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