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Money and Wealth In Astrological Birth Chart

A birth chart or natal chart, in astrology, refers to a unique map of the universe with the native (you) at the center. It is calculated using the exact time and location of the native's birth for the purposes of gaining insight into the native's personality and potential. One such potential that can be studied is their earning potential.

A natal chart appears like a wheel that has been equally divided into twelve equal slices. Each slice is called a house, and is associated with a different zodiac. The positions of planets are marked by the houses they were present in when the native was born. For example, if Mars was directly above the person when they were born, they would have Mars in their Tenth House, which is located at the top of the wheel. Together with these three combinations, an astrologer will then be able to determine the person's life.

Those familiar with a natal chart should check for these things to find out if they are destined to be a millionaire:

Houses that Denote Riches

The three houses that signify money are the Second, Seventh and Eighth Houses.

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The Second House refers to money earned through work and the profession the native would likely take up.

The Seventh House indicates partnerships such as money from a spouse, career outlook after marriage, or even profit earned through partnering with someone to start a business.

The Eight House represents your joint resources. In other words, money that comes beside your normal day to day work. This could be investments, royalties, or inheritance. In some cases, this can also be interests and loans from the bank because these money are from other people.

Money Indications Between Houses and Zodiacs

Take some time to learn about each of the star signs and then apply their attributes to your houses.

The first way to describe how wealth from these three houses is obtained is to look at the zodiac that is in that house. For example, if the Second House is in Aquarius, it is likely the native would work in electronics and do something futuristic, such as programming or logistics because this is what Aquarius represents. If it is Cancer, there is a chance that the native would have a career in hospitality or nursing because Cancer is a nurturing sign.

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The same concept goes for the other houses. The zodiac in the Seventh House would denote how a person approaches relationships. The zodiac in the Eight House would describe the way you inherit money and the way you would approach to losses and traumatic events.

Take some time to learn about each of the star signs and then apply their attributes to your houses.

Money Indications Between Houses and Planets

The next way is to determine what the planets presented in those houses are. It can have a positive or negative influence.

The positive planets are:

  • Venus which signifies pleasure. Whichever house that Venus falls in, you will have ease in it. This means if Venus is in your Seventh House, you will find partnerships very easy to do and as a result will lead to increase wealth.
  • Jupiter which signifies magnificence. The house that Jupiter is in will be enlarged. For example, if Jupiter is in your Second House, you will earn more money than the average person in your field.
  • The Sun which signifies energy. This is where most of your vitality will be spent, and what the brightest aspect of your life will be. For example, in the Eighth House, the person will always be optimistic in times of loss and be able to get support from others. They will also be widely known for it.
  • Mercury which signifies communication and ease. This means a lot of talent will be present in the native. In the Second House, you would likely be a manager and have entrepreneurship skills without being taught.

The negative planets are:

  • Mars which signifies vigor and anger. The person would try too hard to do something that they miss it or ruin it completely in the process. In the Second House, for example, the native would likely chase after several jobs at the same time, switching careers whenever they see a higher paying job. At the end, they lack the experience and chance of succeeding because of their constant change of mind.
  • Saturn which signifies delay and restriction. Unlike Venus which gives the person quick access to the blessings of that House, Saturn will make you work for it. Though it is a negative sign, if the person works hard and don't give up, their work will be transformed into a reward.
  • Neptune which signifies sacrifice. The native would have the aspects of the corresponding House but not getting recognition from it. In the Eighth House, as an example, the person will constantly be in deep thoughts and live in a dreamy state where nothing turns into reality. They will dwell deeper into their loss and have to give money to others without getting much in return.

The neutral planets are:

  • The Moon which signifies emotions. The house that the moon falls into is the house that you will spend a lot of time thinking about and putting your feelings into. Whether or not it is good will depend on you.
  • Uranus which signifies sudden changes. You may be earning great income from your daily job, or getting great support from your marriage, and then without warning, everything comes to a turn around. The opposite can also happen.
  • Pluto which signifies extreme. The native would go really far in the house Pluto is in. If it is in the Second House, you will have several jobs, and be very high in them too, but at the same time, can also be very unsuccessful. Or if it is in the Seventh House, you will have several relationships at the same time or be very against marriage.

Do you know of other money indicators in the birth chart? Let us know in the comments.


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