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Leo Money and Career Horoscope Profile

Professional Career

Leo individuals need recognition when it comes to their professional career. They dread the possibility of not being recognized for their efforts. They perform well in their tasks, but they need assurance that they are doing just right.

Leo folks are highly-motivated individuals. They set their personal goals and work hard to achieve them. They are full of determination and cannot be easily be deterred by challenges. They are fully aware of the advantages that come with achieving their objectives.

The planet Venus rules the professional career of Leos, making them creative, passionate, and extravagant. They are pretty passionate and refined with their work and they have the tendency to become workaholics. Leos need to find a balance between work and extravagance as these two sometimes overlap.

Leos are prime candidates for executive positions because of their effort at work. They can run a company as CEO, work as a government executive, be a teacher, or a secretarial staff. The theater is also another milieu where Leos can excel because of their flair for dramatics. Careers in film, screenplay, music, and acting are good choices. Because of Leos' love for the outdoors, they can also work as horticulturist and forest rangers. Their athletic prowess also makes them good sports instructor or a sports person.

Money Matters

Money is a very important part of Leos' life. They live a life that is flamboyant and lavish and they are often generous to other people. This is the reason why they need to have a steady source of income to make sure that they are able to sustain their lifestyle.

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A major reason for this way of life is because Leos are ruled by Venus, making them creative, extravagant, and passionate. They are fond of gadgets and their choice of clothing is always that of the highest quality. While Leos are creative in finding ways to earn, they also spend their money quickly.

The seemingly conflicting attitude towards spending and earning money leaves Leo at extremes. They sometimes find themselves with a lot to spend, but there are also times when they can hardly spend a dime. Even their how they feel about money is ambivalent. At times, they do not care if they have money; other times, they just enjoy having lots of it.

If there is one word that will work well for Leos when it comes to money matters, it is moderation. They must be able to temper their lifestyle and learn to find the balance between being frugal and exorbitant.

Employee Traits

Leos as employees have a great need to be recognized. They cannot tolerate being ignored, whether they are holding a position of power or just doing menial jobs. To maximize the potential of Leos, they need to be acknowledged every now and then. Getting a pat in the back, so to speak, will carry a Leo a long way when it comes to performance.

Leos are proud workers; they make sure that their work is always the best to the point of being superfluous. This trait makes them ideal for jobs in advertising and sales as they can really come up with works that are appealing and fully adorned. Although they may come up with results that are over the top, they must be provided with some leeway because their mindset is to produce something beyond what is expected.

When well taken care of, Leo employees become intensely loyal and responsible. They develop strong connection with those who show them appreciation. While they long for approval, Leos also do not want to be always checked upon to the point of them feeling tied down.

Another admirable trait of Leos is their ability to mentor especially in the workplace. They have keen eyes in identifying talents and they have the ability to pinpoint people who can excel. This gives them an advantage in seeking individuals who can partner with them in providing their company with excellent work results.

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Leos always maintain a positive outlook in life and they have a solid belief system. These traits allow them to convince other people to heed their opinion. This is the reason why Leos excel in the field of sales. They have an enviable enthusiasm in what they do and their energy is always appealing to others. Because of their positive demeanor, Leos are always remembered by the people they meet. Careers in professions such as public relations and entertainment are ideal for people born under the sign of Leo.

Leos tend to themselves rather meticulously. They are always dressed immaculately and they are always presentable to their employers and co-employees. They make a good representation of the company because of how they carry themselves. Because their lifestyle is always at the high end, they also need to be paid handsomely when it comes to their work.

Do you know an other money and career traits for Leo? Let us know in the comments.


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