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How-To: Manifest Money with Gratitude

Are you unhappy with how much money you earn? Do you wish you you were satisfied with how much you make? You can, without even changing your job.

Most of us have a tendency to always want more. We wish for more money, a bigger house, better clothes, more everything. While it's great to have ambition and goals, always thinking of your money in terms of what youdon't have can be very toxic.

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Instead, every time you receive money, whether it's a paycheck from work, a large tax return, or a $5 check from grandma, pause and think to yourself about the money you are gaining. Take a moment to be grateful for what you have coming into your life. It may not be a lot, and it certainly isn't as much as some people, but it's more than nothing. You control your outlook on money, not the other way around.

By expressing gratitude, our money will go further and be more useful in our lives. While that may sound like silly nonsense, and you may think numbers are numbers and no amount of positive thinking can change that, the bottom line is that we choose how we feel about everything in our lives. By being more aware of the money we have coming in than the money we have going out, we will see it's value more. Even if the brass tax numbers never change, a change in mindset can be enough to put ourselves in a place of peace with our financial situation.

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The change starts with you. Yes, have goals, strive for what you want, but at the same time, be grateful for what you do have. Be cognizant of your financial blessings and use that to propel you to the life you want.


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