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How-To: Make Money Using The Law of Attraction

Remember that book "The Secret" that told everyone if they want something bad enough, they'll get it? All you have to do is focus on it and want it bad enough and it will happen, people thought.

Well, turns out, there's a bit of a problem with that logic.

Like, everything.

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Everything is wrong with that logic. Things just don't magically appear. Success does not just magically happen. You have to work for it. What the Laws of Attraction, positive thinking, and conscious creation can do is provide you with inspiration and keep you motivated towards your goals. If you listen to them, they can help you take that leap of faith that could be the start of your new life.

Telling yourself daily about your success and happiness will make your goals seem more real. It's the same logic about why people are drawn to movies. Actually seeing things happen makes them feel more real. Picturing yourself in the home you've always wanted, living on the beach you've always dreamed about, etc. will help you stay focused and determined to make them a reality.

Start by writing down what your goals are. Think through how you'll get to those goals. Then tell yourself over and over again about what's in store for you in the future. Focus on that and work towards it.

For example, when I started this website years ago I was barely getting enough traffic. However, I kept working. I believed not only that the site will grow, but that my site has already been grown. I kept the thought in my head and as a result, when there was a drop in traffic, it did not steer me away from my goal.

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Your determination and hard will ultimately be how you make money, but the Law of Attraction and conscious creation are tools to help you get there. They will help you feel happy and be positive, and when you're happy and positive, you're more likely to produce quality work.

Who like's quality work? People with money, that's who. Use these tools to your disposal, but don't sit around expecting heaps of cash to fall into your lap just because you wished for it.


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