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How-To: Ask Your Guardian Angel For Money and Signs in 5 Steps

Each one of us has an angel or two that guide us in our daily lives. They are always present to help us in our times of needs. They provide comfort and solace when we need them.

Talking about Money Matters with Your Angel

Simply asking for money from your angel will not do the trick. You can't just ask your angel to give you wads of cash every time and anytime you want. So if you want to be financially blessed, you need a different approach:

  • Cleanse your heart and mind of any mundane thoughts
  • Reach out in a very sincere way and let your angel know about your deep need
  • Express in plain terms what you need, like is it about your mortgage payment, your tuition
  • Most importantly, ask for courage and strength for you to bear your problems

Steps To Contact your Guardian Angel

  1. Angels are here to help us 24/7. Keep your mind and heart opened through daily prayers and invocations while calling to them for financial help. It does not matter what your religious and historical backgrounds are, angels will lend a hand to anyone that needs it unconditionally.
  2. Pass your worries over to them. This include everything from the fear of not having money as well as the positive outcome you expect. Understand that your angel has full control and the future lies with them. So release all expectations you may have, both good and bad.
  3. Express genuine gratitude. It may be hard especially in the trouble you are in, but if you don't let a way for joy to come out, you will not be able to find a way to let joy come in. If you find it difficult to be grateful, ask your angel for help. This is a way for you to develop courage.
  4. Know that your prayer is answered. Believe deeply that money will come to you. Your guardian angels love you completely and will never pull out to help you if you have called to them.
  5. Obey any guidance you receive. You have to be conscious of the signs that your angel is showing you. For example, you might suddenly see a job opportunity while browsing through the internet or your friend might introduce you to someone who can assist you with your financial situation.

Looking for Signs

Whatever you request from your angel will not be given to you in a silver platter. You will not wake up one day lying down on a bed of money. Instead, you must always be aware of signs and omens.

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Angels are all around us; we might not see them, but they are always ready to help us.

Sometimes these signs are not as direct as the ones mentioned above. They can also have cultural significances. For example, Irish believes that seeing a four-leaf clover is considered a sign of luck. When their angel gives a sign, they may see three four-leaf clovers side by side. This could mean that their money situation will improve in three days.

Angels are all around us; we might not see them, but they are always ready to help us. All we need to do is ask sincerely. And of course, you need to have faith.

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Aside from asking, you also need to do something about your situation. You cannot just stay inside your room and expect to have your problem solved. Remember, angels are willing to help those who help themselves.

Have faith, ask, act, and you shall receive.

Have you experienced receiving help from angels? Let us know in the comments.


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