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How-To: Ask God For Money

Praying to God for financial help is not as simple as withdrawing money from an ATM. Otherwise, there's no need for anyone to work hard. If you want to receive monetary gift from up above, this guide will give you some insight:

Be clear about your intentions

You simply don't ask God for money because you want to have money. You have to be clear why you need the money. Perhaps you want to have it to buy a car, but what is the car for? Are you going to buy it just to show off, or do you actually need it so that you can have a ride going to work?

Fervently ask for God's help and have faith

You can't just look up to heaven and say, "Hey Man (or Amen), I need some money!"

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Ask for help sincerely! In the same token, believe deep in your heart that you will be blessed.

Be aware of the signs

You'll be one very lucky person if you suddenly saw a thousand-dollar bill on the sidewalk. But that's not the case when you're asking God for money. Instead of sending you a bundle of cash, God will show you signs about making money.

Signs can be as simple as meeting an old friend, receiving an email from a co-worker, or even spotting a sign in a restaurant window that says, "Wanted: Dishwasher".

In other cases, God may be waiting for you to act upon something from scripture. For example, the Bible writes that the more you give the more you will be blessed. By giving to those in need, you are proving your faith and might be the thing you need to do to get more money.

The answer to your prayer

God may even test your resolve. You might see a check for $500 lying on the floor. What will you do? Fake the signature and encash it, or return it to the rightful owner?

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Asking God for money is not like finding a treasure chest. Always remember the adage: "God helps those who help themselves."

You can't be a lazy bum and expect to get a windfall just because you uttered some prayers. Go out and earn a living. God has set up a lot of opportunities around you - and it's up to you to take the challenge!


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