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How-To: Ask Angels for Money

In this advanced world of technology, it is really hard to believe about the existence of angels, more so about asking favors from them. In fact, if someone needs information he or she just asks Google. So are angels still relevant today?

Belief in Angels

Many Christians, especially Catholics and Anglicans, still believe in the existence of angels and how these heavenly creatures can help them in their hour of need.

The hard reality is that no one has seen an angel, but many will attest to their divine presence because of people's experiences. People in need or in danger implore the intervention of angels to save them from harm or to alleviate their situation.

But Christians are not the only ones who believe in angels. Jews and Muslims have their own versions of angels. Even Hindus and Buddhists believe in angels, albeit of different form.

What is It about Angels that Make People Believe

Although angels take different forms depending on one's belief, the central point of belief in angels lie in man's inner desire to be taken care of.

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We may have loved ones who profess that they will take care of us, but they are not there all the time. In times of trouble, we reach out to the heavenly realm for help. If you come to think of it, the fact that we can ask for help alone gives us comfort already.

Those times when we feel secure amidst the trouble around us, the instances of fear being completely erased - those are the times when our belief in angels is reinforced. And we still don't know if angels exist or not, but we can say that "we're touched by an angel".

How to Get Financial Help from Angels

Before asking for money from angels, it is important to remember that angels operate on the vibration of love. This means in order for an angel to come into your life, you must be sure that your goal from using their help is to spread love.

If you are asking angels to help you with money, your intention must be to use the money for a loving cause. This doesn't strictly have to be related to charity or giving to the poor, but can also be smaller things like buying gifts for a friend or even buying a new car so that you will be able to drive a close one to the hospital. This is one of the reasons why so many wealthy people and businesses are so concerned about donating to a certain cause and doing so publically.

On the other hand, if you are asking for money all for the sake of having more money, the chances of you getting help will probably be much slimmer.

Once you have decided the intention of your money, follow these steps to ask your angel:

1. Ask with belief. In a quiet environment, mention in your heart the exact amount of money you want and the exact things you will do with it. Be as specific as you can. For example, you may want to spend $50 of your money to purchase a dress from a local charity store which you will give as a Christmas present to a coworker who had just lost her job.

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2. Acknowledge that you may not get the exact amount of money. Remember that your angel knows best. If you are asking for $250 for a new formal wear and you receive $100, then there is probably another outfit you could have bought without having to spend the extra $150.

3. Receive. Angels are all around us and works in mysterious way. Some people may discover a cheque in their mail, others may see a sudden rise in a stock they have kept in their portfolio from several years ago. In one of my cases, a CD that I owned suddenly had its value skyrocketed on eBay. These are all unpredictable ways your angels may grant your wish.

No matter how our world has become so technologically advanced, how science is able to look at the tiniest part of our existence, there are still things that remain in the realm of imagination and faith - that includes angels in our midst.

Additional Tips

  • Be patient
  • Stop worrying about money
  • Visualize that you have the money right now
  • Keep your eyes open for omens and signs
  • Be thankful and have gratitude for everything you receive, even if it is not related to money


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