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How Money Visualizations Will Change Your Life

Can you really achieve success by visualizing it? Can you want something so bad you make it a reality? We say yes, you can. Here's how:

Visualizing success trains you to change your behavior. Behavior enacts results. It's really that simple. For example, if you constantly pictured, day after day, lying on a warm beach with a drink in your hand living the life you always dreamed of having, perhaps running an online company, would you be able to tolerate not doing a single thing about it and continuing to live in that cold, dingy apartment? No! You'd take steps to make it happen. Visualization is training your mind which will thus train your body to create the life you want.

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Make no mistake, this training will take time. You will need to practice at it. You will need to be dedicated. But those traits right there are things that will propel you to financial success in and of themselves, won't they?

Here's a few steps to help get you starting visualizing:

  1. Find a quiet place. No TV, no internet, nothing.
  2. Use binaural beats to help rein in your thoughts and control your mind.
  3. Focus on your ideal life. Think hard about what you want.
  4. Take that thought a step further and explore your life once you have achieved those things. What does it feel like sitting on that beach? What does the sun and sand feel like? How does the ocean sound and smell? How does that drink taste?
  5. Repeat this process day after day.

Your brain will eventually start to register what it must do make these vivid thoughts a reality. Visualization has worked for others and it can work for you.

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Before I started my clothing line, I used to go through fashion magazines and wonder about the lives of designers. What would they do each day? Did they have a spending budget on how much stock they would buy? I would follow the steps above and pictured in my mind the daily routines I would go through if I had a clothing line and I saw myself choosing the fabrics, creating the online store and even receiving the sales in my PayPal account. The more I visualised it, the more it made sense to me and I was learning from these visualisations. One day I took action and launched the line, which is currently alive and doing great.

Take the time to train yourself and you might just find what you've always been looking for.


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