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5 People Who Sold Their Souls to the Devil

Selling your soul to the devil for fame and money is not a new idea. In fact, history, legends, and stories are full of characters who professed that they made a bargain with the evil one. At what price? And why did they do it?

It is quite hard to fathom why there people who choose to bargain with the dark side, and yet, there appears to be some popular beings who apparently made the deal. The question really is: did they really sell their souls?

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan was a popular musician during the turbulent years of the late 1960s and the early 1970s. His songs were very much of the protests against the Vietnam War. When asked why he continues to make music, he said that it had something to do with the "destiny thing". He said that he bargained for his popularity and that he was only holding his end of the deal. He was asked with whom he made a deal and he answered, "With the chief, the commander of this Earth and the world we can't see!"

So was he referring to the devil? Or was it just an association that we have been used to? You see, popularity, wealth, and everything worldly are things people crave for. Some believe that the only way to achieve those is to have a pact with the devil. But then again, can you also make a pact with God to achieve those things?

Kanye West

"I sold my soul to the devil... it came with a few toys like a Happy Meal." This is a line uttered by Kanye West in a freestyle rap show early in his career. Was he really serious or was it just an expression that can be normally heard during freestyle rap battles. Artists have a way with words and they often use lines that are familiar to their listeners.

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Some people, however, believe that Kanye West did sell himself to the dark side as shown by his bling-blings that are of Masonic and Illuminati influence. But are those actual profession of faith or are they just mere expressions of artistry?

Katy Perry

Katy Perry was asked in an interview how she started in the music business and she said that she used to sing Gospel music and it was her vehicle to the industry. Unfortunately, her career did not take off the ground. To make a name in the music industry she said, "I sold myself to the devil."

Okay, she did mention that she made a pact with the devil! But, was she being literal about it or was it a metaphorical? Was it her way of saying that she did not pursue her initial plan of doing Gospel music and instead do mainstream music that is appreciated by millions of people?


"If I could take it back, I would never have rapped. I sold myself to the devil; I'll never get it back" is a line in Eminem's rap song "Say Goodbye Hollywood". With his bad reputation, one can easily say that this popular rap artist did really sell his soul.

Still, the nagging question is: "Is it poetic license or does he literally mean what he said?"


Rihanna: "I am misunderstood a lot; my music, my image, the whole thing about me - maybe I'm a devil worshipper. They're reading into my hand over my eye in my album cover".

Interviewer: "Why is your hand over your eye?"

Rihanna: "Because I'm a devil-worshipper, what are you talkin' about?"

So these lines are conversations in a radio interview with Rihanna. If you will take a close look at how the conversation went, Rihanna was being sarcastic in her answer to the question - because people were calling her "devil-worshipper" simply because of her album cover.

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Some insist that it was an actual confession that she really is on the dark side. They even support the claim by saying that her life is actually full of misery that there can be no other conclusion other than being evil herself.

Now, is it real or is it just a conclusion drawn from various circumstantial evidences weaved together to make a good story?

Do you know of anyone else that have sold their souls to the devil? Let us know in the comments.


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