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Cancer Money and Career Horoscope Profile

Professional Career

People born under the sign of cancer are often ruled by their emotions and their work attitude is greatly influenced by their feelings for themselves and others. This is the reason why Cancers thrive well in the medical profession where they can show their caring side. They are good at this and they always are successful.

Fields of medicine that they can prosper on are massage therapy, osteopathy, and natural and alternative healing methods. Nursing, as well as welfare work and counseling, are other fields that Cancers can be great at.

For a Cancer individual, helping others takes precedence over money. Their satisfaction is not in earning tons of money, but in the thought that they are able to help others. Still, Cancers are not averse about financial stability. Much as they care so much for others, they are also into caring for themselves. This is the reason why they engage in businesses such as banking and finance, investments, and real estate. In spite of being engaged in these high-reward enterprises, their primary concern is still helping others.

For Cancers to be truly satisfied, they must learn to separate their professional and domestic concerns. Home must be a place to relax and not worry.

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Money Matters

The sun and the zodiac sign Leo controls the financial and material aspects of Cancers. As such, they are driven to earn as much money as they are with caring for other people. They want to feel financially secure and comfortable - the primary reason why they want to help others. Other people's success through a Cancer's help is a reflection of their inner desire to do well for themselves.

By earning as much as they can, Cancers are able to help others through charitable works and other meaningful endeavors to uplift the life of other people. This makes them feel good about themselves and their ability to earn.

Although the Sun is a lucky symbol for a Cancer as it is like a golden coin in the sky, it can also bring financial misfortune as it can "burn a whole" in the pocket, so to speak. Cancers must always be on a lookout at their financial situation as this can go south fast if they are not careful.

Employee Traits

As employees, Cancers are more concern about doing their jobs pretty well and feeling secured about their employment. They do their tasks to the best of their abilities without thinking of being praised or thrown in to the limelight.

Cancers are known for their attention to details, thoroughness, and punctuality. These traits endear them to employers, making them the last choice when it comes to retrenchment. Cancers are always thankful for their work opportunity and they express their gratitude by always making sure that they perform very well.

Although Cancers have high goals when it comes to career, they are not particularly vocal about it. This allows them to fly under the radar from envious eyes of others. They have the utmost ability to take huge responsibilities and leadership positions without being thought out as pursuing career ambitions.

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The ultimate goal, still, for Cancers is to help other people. Their drive to be in a really excellent work position is for them to have more capability to extend their helping hand. They are known for their community work and they are always admired for their relentless drive to be of assistance to those in need.

By nature, Cancer employees have pleasant personality, charm, and always evoke sympathy. They are always mindful of what their superiors say and expect of them. In doing so, they are able to get in the good side of their superiors to the point of being trusted.

Do you know an other money and career traits for Cancer? Let us know in the comments.


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