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Aquarius Money and Career Horoscope Profile

Professional Career

Careers that are mentally challenging are the forte of Aquarians. They love their brains to be stimulated. They put so much value to work not only for the rewards they get, but also for the opportunity to interact with other people and exchange ideas. While Aquarians work to earn, they do not put as much value to money as they value their career.

Aquarians by nature are quick thinkers and shrewd analysts. They excel in professions that require them to experiment, investigate, and analyze. Marketing, sales, teaching, and communication are other fields of endeavor that Aquarians can be good at.

People born under the sign of Aquarius are intuitive. They have the innate ability to really understand other people. They perform well at work with the goal in mind of helping other people. Because of their giving nature, Aquarians are often appreciated by the people around them and they often get the support they need.

Money Matters

The zodiac sign Pisces has a great influence in the way Aquarians manage their finances. They are also influenced by the planet Neptune, making them associate their ideals with their finance. Although they value work more than money, they measure their success by how much money they have in the bank.

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This trait runs in conflict with the Aquarians' attitude of spending money on a whim. They have a great capacity of saving a lot of their earnings, but they can spend them all at an instance. They are known to splurge on grand vacations or any fancy items that get their attention.

Still, Aquarians know how to use their finances to help others. They are always involved in humanitarian efforts and they pride themselves in the fact that they can be selfless when it comes to helping the less fortunate.

The fortunate thing about Aquarians is that they are ruled by the sign Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter, making them successful in any money-making venture they involve themselves with. Yet, they are always honest with their financial dealings due to the fact that Jupiter represents honesty and nobility. Aquarians are decent and reliable in their business and financial dealings.

Employee Traits

Aquarians are independent workers. They may appear aloof or distant, but the reality is that they are always assessing their environment first before making any moves. They study their environment and try to see how they will be able to contribute significantly.

Aquarians do not simply do their task; they make sure that the work they do is aligned with the overall goal of the company. They always take into consideration the people they work with. They always look at the bigger picture to make sure that their contribution benefits not only their company, but also their industry in general.

With a wider perspective, they are able to fit into the general scheme of things because they act as the missing piece of the puzzle. They take time to understand the task at hand to ensure that the result they produce meets the requirements expected of them.

Aquarian employees do not easily succumb to pressure. They handle intense situations with grace and calmness. Their mood may swing from one extreme to another occasionally, but this is just a reflection of their brilliance. With the mood swing come their ability to blend their ideas with their current situation which has a significant impact to the greater majority.

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Aquarians do not easily take admonishments especially during the times when their behavior changes. They have their own work rituals which may appear interesting. Their habits actually help them psyche themselves so that they can perform to the fullest. Respecting their privacy and idiosyncrasy will actually benefit the company because this allows the Aquarians to be true to themselves.

When Aquarians are able to integrate themselves into the workplace, they can be the best persons to conduct or head social gatherings because of their gregarious nature. The reason for this is because they feel welcomed and accepted when they spearhead such events. This provides them encouragement and validation of their importance to the company. Once Aquarian employees feel that they are not valued, they have no qualms of just leaving the company to seek better employment opportunities.

Do you know an other money and career traits for Aquarius? Let us know in the comments.


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