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7 Secrets To Feng Shui That Will Bring Wealth In 7 Days

Feng Shui is not just about interior decorating. The same principles can be used to build wealth. Follow these tips to attract money and prosperity into your own life:

1. Have the Attitude

Nothing else on this list will matter if you don't have the right attitude to start.

The most important aspect when using Feng Shui to help increase your personal wealth is your attitude. Having a negative attitude about money and the future will result in nothing. Nothing else on this list will matter if you don't have the right attitude to start. You must believe wholeheartedly that the charms you choose to bring you wealth will indeed do so.

Here are some ways to straighten out your attitude:

  • Listen to music that brings you joy
  • Be grateful with what you have
  • Take a walk through nature
  • Calm your mind through meditation
  • Read books and watch videos about Feng Shui to strengthen your understanding about this art
Affirm to the belief of Feng Shui and have an open-mind

2. Find Your Charms

Once you believe, you have to choose the right charm. The charm can be anything that has significance to you. Anything that signifies wealth in your mind, even in the most remote way. It doesn't have to make sense to others, just to you. Choose something powerful and meaningful.

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Here are some examples:

  • A vase
  • A bonsai
  • Coins, especially from Ancient East Asia
  • Figurines and carvings of mythical figures such as Plutus (Roman god of wealth), Caishen (Chinese god of wealth) and Lakshmi (Hindu goddess of wealth)
  • The Japanese beckoning cat, also known as maneki-neko
  • Crystals that have a long tradition of attracting wealth
Choose the right charm(s) that hold importance to you

3. Positions

Now that you have the charm picked out, place it in the right place. Put it somewhere you signify with wealth. That might be the same place you always put your wallet, or a safe, or on the desk where you spend most of your time working. The place in your house that has the strongest connection to money and wealth is the best place to put your charm.

Here are some more examples:

  • Your bedside table
  • On top of bills
  • Beside computers
  • Beside your front door
  • Corner of the master bedroom
Place your charms at places that signifies wealth

4. Keep it Clean

Don't clutter your house with items that don't represent wealth or prosperity. This goes back to attitude and energy. If you constantly see something that reminds you of being poor or having less than, don't bring that into your house. Create a positive environment for growth.

This could simply be to put away shoes strewn around your doorway, file the papers scattered around your desk, clean away cobwebs and even closing the toilet doors.

Keep your house in an orderly fashion that is clean and structured

5. Wear Your Luck

You must surround yourself with positive energy and that includes your clothing.

Apply this same concept to your clothing. Dress the way you want to look. Wearing some old rags will not create an aura of being wealthy. You must surround yourself with positive energy and that includes your clothing.

Research has proven that you are treated by what you wear. If you are going into a business meeting, be smart with your clothes and perhaps tuck your lucky charm into your pocket or clip it behind your tie.

Be selective with what you wear

6. Keep a Fresh Breath of Air

Try to replace items in your house with newer things at least once a year. Don't break the bank doing so, but you must prove to yourself that you're worthy of the things you want. You can start with something as small as a new, soft towel. Slowly weed out the things in your home that are tied to your old, poor life.

It is an old Chinese tradition to clean the house once a year to sweep away bad luck left from the previous year. Keeping to this practice will not only bring in wealth, it also makes you healthier and will free your mind from stress caused by the environment.

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Keep things new and clean away old things

7. Change

Don't be afraid to change your charm if it isn't working. Bottom line, above all else, don't stop believing in your charm. Feng Shui is all about faith. Keep faith in the concept of the charm, but not necessarily in your current charm. If you're not seeing the results, change it up.

Experiment with different charms and positions until it feels right

Many people swear by these techniques. Follow these steps and could very well see the same results they have in less than a week.

Do you know of any other Feng Shui secrets? Let us know in the comments.


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