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6 Palm Reading Lines and Indications of Wealth

Were you born predestined to succeed or fail financially? If there was a way to know, would you? Many people believe that the secret to our future success (or lack thereof) is right in the palm of our hands. Literally. Palm reading is a form of spiritual fortune telling that, regardless if it is real or not, can inspire hope, create faith, and lead us to the financial life we think we deserve.

Your palm lines supposedly shed light on your financial stability. This is different from just sheer How much money will I make. If it were that straightforward, someone who makes a million dollars a year would have a very long financial line. But financial stability, what the lines actually measure, take into account your expenses as well.

Let's say that person who makes a million dollars a year lives beyond their means and has expenses of 1.5 million dollars a year. This would result in them in having poor financial stability and thus shorter financial lines. This means that someone who earns 50,000 dollars a year, but only has expenses of 40,000, could have a much longer financial line than someone who earns 1 million dollars a year, but has expenses that total a higher sum.

Lines that indicate financial success

1. Look at the line that runs vertically straight down the middle of your palm. A line that predominantly exists at the bottom of your palm signifies wealth only at an early age. Conversely, a line that exists only at the top of the hand points to financial stability later in life. This line also signifies your career. The ideal would be a deep line that stretches from the bottom of your palm all the way to your middle finger.

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2. If you have a line that runs from the base of your thumb and stretches to below the index finger, it means you have talent for making money. You may not be rich right now, however the potential is there. You just need to find a way to unlock it.

3. The line that travels from the bottom of your thumb to the little finger implies money will come from inheritance and family. A longer line signifies your main income will be stabilized by the money you inherit. If it is short, it means you will get a lump sum at one point of your life, but will not be enough for you to live off. Obviously not everything will have this line.

4. A person good at business will have a line travelling from the thumb base to the middle finger. The thicker and longer the line signifies the deeper they will dwell in their trade. This also means that you are good at communicating and marketing.

5. The many short lines at the lower half of your thumb is another indicator for how much money you have. The more lines you have there, the more money you hold. These lines do not take into account how much expenses you need to pay.

6. Lastly, another way to distinguish if a person is rich or not is to look at the surface consistency of their palms. A flat palm indicate that the person is poor. If it is curved and depressing inwards like a slope, it means otherwise. The best type of palm would be one that has an indention big enough that it can hold water without spilling when the hand is stretched open.

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Men should look at their left hands and women, their right. Stretch your palm as wide as you can. If the line still remains, it's considered deep enough to justify counting it. Obviously this is not a guarantee.

Ultimately it comes down to what you make of your life. But these signs can help point you in the right direction and illuminate your path to success. If you don't find any of these indications, don't fret. The lines and shape of your hands are always changing. Use your free will to change the present so that you will be able to change your future.

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