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Review: What's New with YNAB 4

You Need a Budget 4 is the recent upgrade of the YNAB app which is a useful tool for handling your financial transactions. The first YNAB was released about 11 years ago and was created by a CPA originally as a type of spreadsheet to help you manage your finances. Today, YNAB 4 has developed into a more sophisticated application to help you in budgeting as well as in other important financial transactions. Some of the newer features of this app include an improved reporting method, cloud syncing, reconciling accounts, and a much improved interface.


Cloud Syncing - This is a very important feature especially since financial information can easily get lost. With the cloud syncing option, you gain access to this information from different devices and not just your phone which is quite reassuring seeing that these mobile devices can often get stolen or lost. It also helps to ensure that all information are uniform throughout no matter where you access it.

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Reconciling Accounts - It is usually not easy to reconcile your bank statements with the expenses that you have in record. The prior version of YNAB did not have this feature and you will definitely be grateful of this recent addition. With this feature, you can access your bank statement and compare that with what you have in order to see if there are some discrepancies in your account. What is more is that you can all do this in just a few easy steps. Simply tap the account reconciliation button and indicate your statement period and then you will be provided with the information from your bank.

Improved Reporting System - The YNAB 4 comes with a much improved reporting method which is not only easier to understand but is also presented in a more attractive format. They now also come with different categories so you can easily filter the type of outcome that you want to see. Today, the app has reports on the following areas: amount spent per category, net worth, amount of spending per payee, and the income vs expense report.

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When it comes to the cost of the app, they offer several prices depending on how long you have been using it. If it is your first time to purchase it, it can be quite more expensive than if you have bought the previous versions. But if you only wish to explore its features first, YNAB 4 is offering a free but time-limited access to the app.

The previous version of YNAB has been really useful and easy to manipulate. The upgraded version however provides you with a lot more option and even security for your financial information compared to YNAB 3. The added cloud syncing, account reconciliation, and improved reporting methods simply makes it easier for you to keep track of your financial activities and helps you maintain a uniform result every time. Although it can come at a higher cost than other financial applications, it also comes with greater benefits as well. All in all, it is worth the investment especially if you want to save on time and money in managing your accounts.


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