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Review: The Pros And Cons Of Level Money

Level Money is a simple and secure app for you to do your budget for different time-frames. Its best use lies in the fact that it provides a good overview of your overall financial transactions while also helping you allocate money for your savings. The downside of the app though is that there are limited features when it comes to expense categorization. It can also be pretty difficult to use in day-to-day and real life transactions.


Level Money requires a bank and credit account in order to use it. Using this information, it will determine your current budget based on your expenses and your income. It cannot however accurately point out shared accounts and expenses so you may have to deal with it yourself. This app therefore may not really be that easy to use in real life expenses.


Security is one of the distinguishing features of Level Money. When you open an account, you will need to create a very strong password which means it will take some time to do it. Then it will proceed to ask you about your credit card information and your bank accounts that you wish to connect to the app. Level Money has a way of filtering the type of money that you receive in your accounts and will ask you to classify whether it is recurring or one-time incomes.

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Entering Your Expenses

Next, it will then inquire about your bills which it will deduct from your available balance. The process however becomes difficult especially if you have bills that you pay together with someone else. The total cost of the bill will be counted against you instead of your share of the expense. To solve this, you need to enter the actual amount that you pay for your bills manually.

Lastly, you will need to determine how much you'd like to save on each month. This is done using a particular percentage of your income and can give you recommendations of how much you can save. The app however does not have features which can help you calculate other savings such as retirement accounts.

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Seeing Your Level

Once you have entered all of the above mentioned information, Level Money will provide you with information on how much money you have available for spending. It presents three circles which represent your budget for a day, a week, and a month. It is initially filled up when you have not yet spent anything, but gradually lessens as time goes on. Other features of the app include: activity, plan, settings, and save.

The app is recommendable for those who have few expenses and would like to have an easy overview as to their available budget or balance for the remainder of the period. Another unique feature of this app is that it has a "savings" option where you can choose how much you can save in your budget. You cannot categorize your expenses however, which is quite a downside to this app.


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