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Review: Pay Your Bills Using Check

Check is a useful app that allows you to make payments for all of your bills in one single place. With a variety of companies which they select according to your location, you will never have to worry about forgetting due dates and not making the payments on time. This however does not come without the owner's responsibility to make the prompt payment at least two days before the bill comes due. It provides a very comfortable way for anyone to pay online using a mobile device.

We all know that there are some companies that offer mobile payment options for their services but the problem is that they can either be so many that they clutter your phone's interface or they could be hard to use especially for an average person. With Check however, you only need one app to pay for all of your bills ranging from utilities to even your mortgages.

How to Use

Well you first need to sign up for an account where you will need to provide your zip code and e-mail address. You will also provide a password that will help protect your account. Basing on your zip code, the app will find the local companies in your area such as gas and electric company, internet providers, banks, wireless carriers, and a lot more.

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After you sign up, you will then be able to use it quite easily. The user interface has three separate sections: your bank account information, your bills, and your credit account. You will see a very simple interface where the bills are coded using different colors according to their status - whether they are paid, approaching their due date, or are overdue.

Bank Account

On your bank account section, you will be able to see your available balance of your connected account. Check also provides you with the option to connect an investing account in this area and see how much is available in that account. You can enter as much accounts as you want.


The section which contains the bills will show you the number of bills which are already due and also the list of bills that you have. On the front screen, you will be able to tell how many bills are approaching their due for the week. You will also be able to tell their status through their colors: yellow means they are nearing due; green means their paid; and red means they are past due. There is a "pay" button on the lower left so you can easily make a payment for the bills.

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Credit Card Status

The third section of the user interface shows information regarding your credit card status. In this area, you will be able to see your credit rating, some offers by Check, and also your current balance. If you are quite a spender, you can also avail of Check's credit card monitoring offer which comes at a monthly subscription. They also offer to protect your account from fraud or theft which is quite a feature especially if you think that your credit card is being hacked.

All in all, Check offers a very comfortable way for you to pay your bills while also monitoring your bank and credit account activities. You don't need a lot of mobile payment apps just to complete your transactions. Pay your car loans to your gas utility using this single app alone. Aside from that, it is also very secure and easy to use.


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