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GoDaddy Web Hosting Review


GoDaddy is a web hosting company that has been operating for decades now. As a company, they have established themselves as one of the biggest hosting companies in the world with more than 12 million subscribers and 58 million domain names under their management. In terms of physical resources, they are also one of the biggest names in the market employing more than 4,000 personnel and having 14 facilities built all over the world in the US, Europe, Asia, India, and a lot more.


The company is somewhat reliable although most users have experienced some bad downtime with it. For most of them, the experience can be quite of a stress as the site's downtime can be as long as 24 hours. But these rarely happens as well which makes it quite a good option if you are after a low-priced subscription with excellent support and a wide array of services available to you.


Depending on which plan you subscribe to, you will get web hosting services for one or an unlimited number of websites, 100 GB of storage or an unlimited one, unlimited bandwidth, management of hundreds of email addresses, and a free domain if you subscribe upfront for the whole year.

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Aside from that, you also get access to hundreds of free applications that you can easily install with a click of a button, 1 GB or 200MB storage MySQL Databases, a user-friendly control panel, constant security monitoring of your site, access to technical support, and a 99.9% uptime guaranty.


GoDaddy offers one of the lowest prices in web hosting services and they offer three different plans for their clients. You can select from their Economy ($3.49), Deluxe ($4.49), and Ultimate ($7.49) packages per month. You should be able to determine your goals though before subscribing so you can find the best fit for your need. The economy package is ideal for those individual sites with small traffic, deluxe is for those who have to manage multiple sites but with a moderate amount of traffic, and the ultimate package is for those who have to deal with a large amount of traffic for their site.


In terms of support, GoDaddy offers excellent technical help through a knowledgebase, live chat, phone, and email support. Aside from that, they also have training programs which are given for free which adds to your knowledge about handling your website. They also offer the best customer assistance where you don't have to feel awkward especially if you have just started out and do not know a lot about publishing. The only problem that you will have though is that it takes quite some time to reach customer support. You will have to wait for about 10 minutes before you will be able to get hold of one. But once you have contacted them, the service is definitely the best from the attitude of the representative to the quality of technical assistance offered.


GoDaddy offers one of the cheapest yet best security programs for your website. This is also reflected in user reviews where almost none of them experienced any threat from outside sources regarding the security of their sites. With GoDaddy's SiteLock Web Security you get daily malware scan, malware removal, vulnerabilities scanning, file change monitor, spam blacklist monitor, site seal, and a lot more. Security is one of the least issues that you have to deal with GoDaddy.

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Rating: 9/10

GoDaddy has a 9 out of 10 rating for me because of their high quality services as well their affordability. The one star that I deducted is due to the long period of time that you have to wait in order to connect with a customer service representative when you call. But in spite of that, they still have one of the best customer services in the market with their highly skilled representatives and they are very kind and patient as well.

In terms of downtime, there are some problems at times but this is very rare. Yet, I could still say that in general they GoDaddy is a very reliable web host as downtime occurs rarely. The customizable add-ons that you can get once you subscribe is really helpful especially if you only need one or two features at one time and not the whole package. They also provide the fastest upload time for your site which is definitely a major advantage.


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