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eHosting Web Hosting Review


eHosting is a UK-based web hosting company that offers shared, reseller, and VPS hosting services. Their main office is located in Manchester, UK and had been operating in the market since 1998. They offer 24/7 support and their target market includes personal bloggers to large-scale enterprises. According to the company, they are hosting more than 15,000 sites as of today.


The company has a 99.97% uptime according to Clients however, have complained of poor uptime experiences having up to days of downtime period for their sites.


The company offers application hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting. For their Application hosting, the features are: your choice of application (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Prestashop), 1 hosted websites, 10 GB of disk space, unlimited traffic, 10 mailboxes, app installer, spam protection, SSL certificate, and Web Stats.

For Shared web hosting, the options are: 1 to 10 websites hosted, 1 GB to 5 GB of disk space, 25 to unlimited bandwidth, 10 to 250 mailboxes, and an optional MySQL database, SSL, and Web Stats feature for some plans.

For Reseller hosting, the company offers 25 hosted websites, 25 GB disk space, 300 GB monthly bandwidth, up to 250 mailboxes, MySQL databases, SSL support available, and it is also available in both Windows and Linux platforms. It also has SpamAssassin, 4 MSSQL databases, domain aliases, AWStats, and an optional Web Presence Builder.

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For VPS hosting, the features are: 100 websites, 60 GB of web storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited mailboxes, unlimited MySQL databases, SpamAssassin, AWStats, SSL support, and an optional Power Pack and antivirus.


For application hosting plans, the prices for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Prestashop hosting are £5.99 a month, excluding 20% VAT.

For Shared web hosting, the prices are £2.99 a month for Starter, £7.49 for Personal, £11.99 for Expert. This also does not include 20% VAT.

Reseller hosting is offered in only one plan and the price is £24.99 a month.

VPS hosting costs £49.99.

Optional services include: additional MSSQL databases at £1.50 a month, SSL certificate for £2, Web Presence Builder for £2, additional MySQL databases for £1, and a Power Pack for £9.99.They also offer Continuous Data Protection or CDP for £2 to £9.99 a month depending on your plan.


eHosting provides several avenues for providing technical support to their clients. It includes support ticket system, troubleshooter, knowledgebase, email, and phone support.

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The company does not really offer an SSL certificate for their plans. What they do offer is an optional SSL certificate if you purchase an IP from them. But, they do have Spam Assassin for spam protection and their cloud-based hosting has an excellent security as well.

Rating: 7/10

In terms or quality features, the company does offer a number of good ones such as unlimited bandwidth even for shared hosting plans and their application hosting which is definitely suitable for those who are planning to use only one type of application for their website. Aside from that, they also offer support for various scripting technologies such as PHP and .NET frameworks. They also have a free MySQL database for their higher plans which is also a good feature. They also offer a Windows or Linux platform on some of their higher plans. What seems to be lacking in this web hosting company is the amount of disk space and databases which are included in the shared hosting plans. Compared to other web hosting companies, you can actually find bigger disk storage allotments and even daily backups which are available in case any accidents or emergencies occur. As one client have complained, they have lost all of their data when one of the company's servers was destroyed. This meant a lot of loss for them especially since they are a business establishment. Another factor that seems to be lacking is in the area of application installations. The company does not have a free site builder, app installer, and anti-virus scans for their basic plans which seems to be normally available in other companies.

In terms of their services, some clients have had a poor review of the company which they say had gradually turned bad as time progressed. Clients would also have to pay a separate fee for phone support which seems to be quite a problem if you are on a budget. Their prices does not also reflect the actual price as the 20% VAT is not included. For that, I think the company has a 7 out of 10 rating.


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