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987mb Web Hosting Review


987mb was established in 2008 and specializes in shared web hosting services. What the company actually aims for is affordable hosting for anyone and so most of their clients are individual and small to medium scale businesses.


The company does not offer any uptime guarantee although they state in their blog that clients can expect from 99.9 % to 100% uptime by using their services.


The company offers three Shared hosting plans and their common features include: web statistics tools such as Google sitemap generator, AWStats, Webalizer, bandwidth statistics, Tracewatch, error/access/referrer/agent logs, and advanced graphical and text counters; master FTP account, additional FTP logins, and SSH access; MySQL databases and MySQL web interface; eXtend control panel, iPhone control panel, backup and restore, online file manager, redirect, scheduled tasks, IP blocking, password protection, FTP locking, website builder, SEO tools, and directory indexing; support for PHP4 and 5, Perl, Python, RealAudio, Ruby on Rails, ImageMagick, Ghostscript, Zend, GD Library, and Sun One ASP; e-commerce tools such as Prestashop, Tomato Cart, Open Cart, Zen Cart, Cube Cart, osCommerce, Agora and shared secure server access; website template, banners, web art images, flash website templates, free software, and graphics archive.

All plans also have a script library which includes WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, guestbooks, Mambo, Nucleus, Geeklog, Elgg, Eblah, Openads, dot Project, form mail, Java clock, Gallery2, Web Ring, domain name checker, online photo album, classified Adverts, online auction, postcards, custom error pages, osTicket, webmail, and SugarCRM. They also have JavaScript Generator such as Logo branding, Bookmark Us, Avenue Search, Popup page, browser entry, and Break frames.

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Email features include mail boxes, auto-responders, mailing lists, email forwarders, junk mail filters, catch all email, email summary, email filter logs, and they also feature POP3/IMAP.

Their Bronze package features: 5987 MB of disk space, 40 987 MB bandwidth, 987 mailboxes, 987 MySQL databases, free site builder, control panel, shared SSL, SSH access, Google AdWords credit, forum/blog/e-commerce software and an optional domain name.

The Silver package features 20 987 MB disk space, 80 987 bandwidth, 2987 email boxes, 2 987 MySQL databases, site builder, control panel SSH access, forum/blog/e-commerce software, shared SSL, Google Adwords credit, and free domain name.

Their Gold plan includes unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited mailboxes, unlimited MySQL databases, free site builder, control panel, shared SSL, SSH access, Google AdWords credit, forum/blog/ecommerce software, business development course, and free domain name.


Prices for the said plans are 1.66 a month for Bronze, 2.49 a month for Silver, and 3.33 a month for Gold.

Additional services include: mobile website builder for 4.99 a month per domain, Website Builder Plus for 19.99 a year, and domain name from 1.66 per month to 3.33 a month.


Tech support is available via live chat and support ticket.

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Security features include spam protection, shared SSL, junk mail filters, password protection, backup and restore, as well IP blocking.

Rating: 8/10

987mb Web Hosting definitely provides a very affordable alternative when you are looking for a basic or shared web hosting company. Not only do they provide highly affordable packages, they also included a lot of features in it. You get a lot of applications such as WordPress, Joomla, web statistic tools, SEO submission, free advertising credit, MySQL databases, SSH access, and programming features which are not usually included in cheaper priced plans. Aside from that, you also get a website builder, a lot of script technology, and backup and restore features which are commonly offered for a separate fee in other companies. The only stuff that you will pay for are the domain name (if you choose not to subscribe to their yearly plan), their mobile site builder which is optional, private SSL, and for the Website Builder Plus package.

Their basic security features as well as their tech support are also of good quality so you don't have to worry about possible problems that you may encounter while you are creating your website. One of their most distinct advantages is their free business development course which is quite out of their scope if you are going to look at it. But, it also emphasized the fact that they are willing to help out their clients grow and develop their businesses online. Perhaps their only problem is that you cannot upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server in their company which is quite a problem if you are expanding your market. Hence, I think that they deserve an 8 out of 10 rating.


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