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Hey Jesse Neo!

I am a Twilight freak and I basically know everyone about it. However the thing I don't understand is if the Cold Ones are real? Lots of people are saying no, but I want to know the truth. You seems so smart so I was wondering if you could help me! And where does vampires come into the scene?


Dear Otan,

Indeed, the Cold One and the Vampire DOES exists but are not the same thing. It is only thought to be the same according to Twilight, but in reality within a hidden culture, there is an existence between these two groups of people. And this is the truth.

Vampires are just like human people in normal skin color. Their skin may be normal, but in a sense, does not match their normal tone. They don't live forever, they have families, they eat and dance, and basically do whatever you do. If you go browse users on MySpace I can guarantee you'll find at least ten in the first hour. So what are they, and what makes them so unique?

Now I guess you may think that they are part of the human race, but astonishingly enough they're not. They are part of an ancient and mysterious civilization that has 'allergic' reactions to some of the earth's resource. They are not from the world, though they've been here almost forever. They were not created by God in creation and exists like moral angels. Their visions blurs in the sun, has a thing for the dark and can get sunburnt really easily. They have abilities such as great speed, acute hearing, fast healing, and good reflexes. These are basically what most people knows.

But the Cold Ones are more different to this. They are part of the human race, but in the 'cursed' race. They hate the sun so much that they can't even be in there for longer than ten minutes or else their color will change. Their faces are always red, and with a voice that changes frequently, from extreme high to extremely low. Their mannerism changes as they try to adopt to this warm planet. They are also quiet, learners, usually finding them to be alone where ever they are. Have you seen a guy that catches the train every morning always alone, face red and desperately seeking the shadows? This may just be one of the Cold Ones. Like vampires, they have abilities but are in total opposites to them. Their speed are slow, can't hear so well, fragile and stuffy, if you know what I mean.

So have you seen one? Open up your eyes the next time you walk down the street, walk a little slower and try to open up your senses. There may just be one standing outside your house right now!

If you would want to stay in contact with me, you may add me on Facebook and Twitter! If you need more advice, feel free to Ask a Question.

Best regards,
  -Jesse Neo


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Posted 34 days ago
Rose I have read all these comments and no one can even spell or use correct grammar. I have read your post and would say that if anyone here was actually a vampire it would be you. Am I correct in this assumption? If so please email me at sonnyd93@yahoo.com
Posted 41 days ago
Vampires are real and I am one. For over 5 years I had no idea then I went to the beach one day and I get a sunburn after 2 minutes. I asked my mom and she suggested this page so I am just coming to this page and I had to comment on how most of you are saying that vamps aren't real but they are.
Posted 283 days ago
Vampire are real ????
Posted 283 days ago
Posted 338 days ago
*vampires are real im one
Posted 338 days ago
vampires are real in one
Posted 370 days ago
hey.i am jay and twilight is best movie
Aurora Dragos
Posted 371 days ago
i'm a real one, to tell girls, if you wanted to attract a vamp guy so much- vamp guys like girls who are really no sense like not so bossy. Those guys are more to loner girls. To ask anymore questions ask me!
Posted 396 days ago
vampires are not real!!!!!
Abhay Singh
Posted 468 days ago
i thing its not real friend can u say this real or not
Posted 482 days ago
shut up Judy I'm real I've never lied and why would I lie about being a vamp
Posted 490 days ago
Lol vampires are not real!!! People seriously get real! This chick skyla is not a real vampire she can't even spell correctly!! Grow up people and get back to the real world.
Posted 500 days ago
I do not want to destroy you but
Say you aged three
Vampires are Mythology
They may have had a life time
It is by belief
But it does not
if I will see the one
if I eat my hat
Posted 508 days ago
hey guys srry I haven't been updating lately hello some of u who r new my name is skyla im a vamp so if u have any questions just as me and I will answer just promise u will update k bye
Posted 523 days ago
My favourite movie is twilight , and I like bella .. she is beautiful and honourable . And adward is so cool guy .
Call me babes +918542982094 . I am so alone and i need a girlfrnd.
Posted 527 days ago
vampire and cold ones well um if vampires really exists then we can even think that draculas exists to right I mean they are very familiar with vampires well guess we would never know I guess?
Posted 618 days ago
hey! i am very fascinated by vampires and what they can do. i always wished to become one of them, if it is possible i really want to know
Posted 619 days ago
its never true...infact such people are evrywr nw....hope you got wat I meant
Posted 634 days ago
hi i'm mansi & twilight is the my favorite movie
Posted 639 days ago
hi i'm pavi really vampire is really thr ah how we identify thm I want more details abt thm