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Super Slugger

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Posted 3014 days ago
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Posted 3015 days ago
I didn't get a chance to play the N64 veirson but I have played the Wii veirson. This one is better than the Wii game (Super Paper Mario). The fighting in this game is what is better. Each battle occurs on a stage and you get 1 side kick to help you. There are some real time events during the fighting where you can press certain buttons to add more damage or attack an audience member that is about to throw a hammer at you. You get regular attack moves and special moves. The fighting is what really sets this game apart. In the Wii game, fighting is all real time so they did away with the stage. The story is the typical princess kidnapped and you have to save her but it was not by Bowser. You actually get to play as Bowser and Peach during the story mode. There are lots of areas to explore and lots of side quests you can do. The game is quite long but it doesn't get repetitive. There is even an area where you can battle through all the enemies in the game, including the bosses. Luigi is in the game but he just tells long and boring stories and I didn't bother sticking around to read them. You progress through the game by gaining new paper abilities, such as turning into an airplane, or folding up to roll along. you also get an ability that lets you turn sideways to squeeze through cracks or fall through sewer covers. Some of my favorite areas were the moon, the battle arena, and the island. Graphics: Very good. Typical Mario fashion but very well done for an open world game. Sound: Again, typical Mario fashion. Controls: Easy to execute, no problems at all. If you haven't played this game, it is worth picking up even if you only have a Wii. It will still play on the Wii but you will need a GameCube controller to play it.