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SAS: Zombie Assault

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Posted 3015 days ago
Excellent so will this only be of the Wii U, Vita & 3DS? or will the the other consoles fill the slot too? I hope they do otehrwise yet again I'll have to save up for another console :/ but this sounds great more characters & more levels hope we have lots of SEGA & Sonic characters optional to play & perhaps exclusives too for each version to be fair (Nights has to be in this ) as well as Silver, Espio etc. I hope the theme song will be better on this one. As for the Sonic Tracks I hope they won't all be based on Heroes again just a mixture of levels from different Sonic games would be better (I'm not saying no more Heroes levels just hope there is less so we can make room for more Sonic levels).Perhaps there could be more veichles for each character but either way I'd still be fine with their own unique veichle & All star power up plus mini games could be included for MP & have different gimmicks working with other races in twos like MK Double Dash & Crash Tag Team Racing