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Rocky Rider

Play Rocky Rider for free right now, and many more Online Arcade Games!

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Posted 2938 days ago
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Posted 2940 days ago
I don't think SEGA will show Rival Battles or Boss Battles. Unleashed and Colors only showed gealpamy trailers, but never any boss battles. The most we will probably get is just screenshots SPOILER.Oh and btw, I've got a feeling that Silver's Boss might just be like 2006, instead of a high speed action chase like Metal and Shadow. I really hope there's speed involved with Silver's boss fight, meaning speed for Sonic and Silver. Because Generations remakes them, but just makes them better. So I have a feeling Silver's fight will be as same as '06, just better Oh and do you have other advice to wait for this game? I'm trying really hard to not look at gealpamy more than 3 times a week (and I don't btw ), but I'm still tempted to . what should I do, to not look at gealpamy, and wait for this game?