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Park Your Ride 2

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Posted 2976 days ago
GOOD! first of all, skyrim is a fuicnkg awesome game. and also my first elder scrolls game SECOND! I'm not going to enjoy sonic games decline in sales BUT i am going to enjoy knowing why they are going down in sales. Face it, dropping to spot 32 and again not even in the top 40? There are only around 10 great games being released in this busy' month. So thats not an excuse! The excuse, SONIC TEAM ARE FUCKING DUMB!HOLLOW STORYLINES, HOLLOW UNLEASHED GAMEPLAY, NO INNOVATION AT ALL! In fact its so fuicnkg bland, that i actually feel like im playing the QTE aracde game in Shenmue. SONIC TEAM NEED TO GO BACK TO WHERE ADVENTURE 2 LEFT OFF AND GET UP TO SCRATCH WITH TODAYS INNOVATION. We need drama, in game cutscenes and credits, suprises and twists in storyline-as part of the level. Thunderstorms and rain in level! Fucking floods in level! Hurricanes and fuicnkg music changes througout. A game that opens up as sonic being in a handicapped situation and the player controlling him as the credits roll, during a thunderstorm, while knuckles is getting robotised!FUCK THIS LINEAR, HOLLOW and CHILDISH SHIT. ITS NOT THE 90s ANYMORE SONIC TEAM!Or you know, just keep doing what your doing cause apparently to the majority of people on here its a good formular and they're finally' on a roll What a joke
john tweed
Posted 3549 days ago
its a good game but it can get boring