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Palisade Guardian

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Posted 2976 days ago
Mario and Sonic only sold more because its a caasul title and has Mario in it lol. Sonic Generations hit #10 in its first two days and on its first whole week was #21, and that was during the biggest week of gaming retail in the UK ever. You need to all stop looking at negatives. If this game was released on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, it would have been more successful. But I'm a core gamer, I love Skyrim, and have played Sonic with my sister since I was born in 1991.If Sonic Generations wasn't on Xbox 360/PS3, I wouldn't have bought it. The Wii is just a waste to me. It isn't to my cup of tea. I've played many consoles since the Mega Drive and the Wii detracts from my experience with its innovation .Long story short, there's a bigger market for a sports mini-game collection featuring Nintendo's mascot than there is for a platformer featuring 20 years old gameplay that a lot of kids don't understand.My gf's 10 year old sister was put off by the simpsons sponsorship. I asked why and she responded that she didn't understand there being two Sonic's. I simplified an explanation of the time hole and Time Eater, and got a response of Oh, that's confusing . Kids can't wrap their minds around Sonic Generations, and core gamers don't have enough money for every game they want.Hence, Sonic Generations not doing overly well commercially.