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Get Off My Lawn 4209

Play Get Off My Lawn 4209 for free right now, and many more Online Arcade Games!

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360 and PS3 only had one major Sonic game that wasn't released for the Wii, and to caosenpmte, SEGA divided up Sonic Team and had a massive chunk of them start work on SSR. So yeah, that one major game that wasn't on the Wii? That game got the shaft to accommodate Wii fans. It's also worth noting that, while Sonic Unleashed was a multiplatform game, the HD and SD versions were two different games altogether, so time had to be taken out of the development of the version that Sonic Team seemed to find most important (the HD version) in order to, once again, accommodate the Wii's fan base. And you know, I don't really mind that. Or at least I didn't until Sonic Colors. Now that the Wii's coming out with a a major Sonic game, what do HD consoles get in return? If you adopt a Kinect, you can get a Sonic Riders spin-off. If you have a PS3, you're screwed.For the record, I once had a Wii. I was VERY excited about two games (SSR and Godzilla Unleashed), and they turned out to be two of the worst games I've ever played. I managed to have very little fun with any game that I got for the Wii, and it was hands down the worst investment I had ever made (with the sole exception being this corndog I got once at some fair. It was something like $3.50, and it was lukewarm and awful and it made me stomach feel dreadful). I sold the Wii so I could get some 360 Sonic and SEGA games. This is ultimately irrelevant though, because it doesn't change the fact that Sonic Team is excluding a lot of fans from enjoying Sonic Colors, and the one game that could be viewed as an alternative, Sonic 4, is coming out for the Wii too. Telling somebody that they should get a Wii for Sonic Colors is kinda like saying that they should get a Kinect for Sonic Free Riders. But at least the Kinect looks like it has some good games coming out on it.ZING!