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Booty Rider

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Posted 2940 days ago
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Posted 2940 days ago
I found Lynn's comment about binakcg tracks, from the previous thread, to be quite interesting. As someone with little to absolutely NO insight into how the music industry is run, I have no idea who makes final decisions as to whether or not an artist uses binakcg. I personally have no problem with the use of binakcg tracks as long as they are used for their intended purpose: to fill out the sound. Not to take the place of the lead vocal.I have seen some performances (as I'm sure we all have!) where the artist was very obviously not singing live. Ridiculous, I think. But I won't go off on that tangent again, I promise. LOL. As far as David is concerned, I'm not sure why they chose to use binakcg. I certainly don't think it takes away from the performance but I also think that it is clearly evident that David is singing his lead vocal live. Each and every performance of his has some tiny little quirk in the vocal that makes it unique. And THAT is precisely why singing live is so important to me. If I wanted to hear a performance of a song that sounded EXACTLY like it does on the CD, exactly like what they produced in the studio by piecing together the best takes from who knows how many tries at a song well then I'd just listen to the CD. When I hear David sing live, I want to hear the changes the alterations that make the song more human, more David. No song can be sang studio perfect when performed live. Live is live. Live is alive. It changes and ripples and breathes and hits slightly off notes and runs a little fast then runs a little slow then runs into some amazing out of this world note that makes your soul vibrate. That's live for me. And I love it. That's what I discovered in Louisville, by the way. In that same comment from Lynn, she mentioned that there had been one performance this year with no binakcg being Louisville. For anyone who was not there that night, or who has not yet had the privilege to attend a VIP session with David (no binakcg there either, lol), David's voice is a revelation.No binakcg required. But they can back it if they want to. It's all David and it's all good. Man, sorry for this epic-long run-on-thought post. This is what happens when you guys leave me in here alone! I have time to THINK. Oh, the horror!!
Posted 3117 days ago
they shouldnt be wearing anything