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Paint brushes can make your Neopets look more exotic and prettier! However there are lots of people that does not know how to get them! Believe it or not, you can actually get FREE Neopets paintbrushes! It requires no Neopets Paintbrush Cheats or anything like that, even though they don't exist!

Random Events:
The most basic and common way to get paint brushes is through random events. Just browse the Neopets website, visit any pages you can find, and if you are lucky, you may just get a random event of you getting a paintbrush! Please note that this can take a very long time!

Site Contests:
If you do not have the patience to wait for the random event to pop up, you can also enter many of the Neopets Site Contests to win a paintbrush! This can include the Beauty Contest, Caption Contest, Random Event Contest and even getting into the Neopets Art Gallery! In my opinion, this is the best way to get free Neopets paintbrushes!

Buy Them:
The last and final way to get Neopets paintbrushes is to buy them! They can be found all over the Auction, Trading Post and sometimes in the Shop Wizard! Just do a quick search and see what you can find!